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Apple Software Upgrades CD-ROM (July 1997)

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Year released:
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July97SWUpdatesCD.ZIP (396.72 MB)
MD5: 2c39a87c9b57be39e1abbee653789992
For System 6.x - Mac OS 8 - 8.1
This app works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II, Mini vMac

This is the Apple's Software Upgrades CD - Volume Four. On it you'll find a whole host of useful updates and utilities to make the most out of your Apple Macintosh and peripherals.

A great number of the utilities, drivers and the Mac OS itself are constantly being revised with a view to providing the best possible options to our customers. Now, with the Software Upgrades CD you can have the latest without having to search on the internet or dealing with stacks of floppy discs.

Inside the CD-ROM, you will find the Australian Macintosh Products Guide, Mac OS updates such as 7.6.1 updates, tools such as ResEdit 2.1.3, graphics & sound updates, cards & peripheral updates, Apple retail software updates, modem & networking updates, Newton updates, PowerBook updates, Internet tools updates, Apple monitors updatees, printing updates, and full Mac OS system software installers such as 6.0.7 and 7.1.

MD5 Checksum & Filename: 2C39A87C9B57BE39E1ABBEE653789992 *July97SWUpdatesCD.ZIP

32-Bit System Enabler Disk
54xx/64xx L2 Cache Reset
5500/6500 L2 Cache Disable
5xxx/6xxx Test Utilities
6360/64xx/54xx Update
7.1 Enablers/Disk Tools
7.5.5 SCSI Server Update
7.6.1 StreamingAudio Update
A4 Paper Defaults
Acrobat Reader 3.0
AICK Dialer files
Apple Color One Scanner 2.0
Apple e.g. 1.0b8
Apple HD SC Setup
Apple Internet Mail Server
Apple IP Gateway 1.0.1 patch
Apple Live ObjectsЄ Essentials
Apple Macintosh 24AC
Apple Memory Guide 6-97
Apple Multiple Scan Display 1.2
Apple Personal Diagnostics 1.1.3 Updater
Apple Personal Modem 2.1.6
Apple Printer Utility
Apple Spec 5/97
Apple System Profiler 1.0.1
Apple Telecom 2.3.3
Apple VideoPhone Lite Install
AppleSearch Server 1.5.1 patch
AppleShare 4.2.2 Patch
AppleShare Client 3.7
AppleShare Custom Settings 1.0
AppleShare Workstation 3.6.5
Applevision 1.5.2
ARA Client Updater
ARA MP 2.0.1->2.1 Patch
ARA PS Updater
AT Commands & S-Registers
At Ease 2.0.3 Updater
At Ease 3 CDROM Prefs Patch
At Ease 3.0.3 Updater
At Ease 4.0.1 Updater
At Ease-IDE Utility
AudioVision Installer 1.0.2
Avid Cinema 1.1 Updater
AWS 95 Tune-Up
Battery Recondition
Button Disabler
Button Disabler 1.2
CDROM 5.3.2
CFM-68K 4.0
Chinese Language Kit 1.1.1
Color StyleWriter 2200 2.1.2
Color StyleWriter Pro 1.5.2
Color StyleWriter 2400 2.1.2
ColorSyncЄ 2.1.1
Colour StyleWriter 1500 vZ-2.2.1
Colour StyleWriter 2500 vZ-2.2.1
CompuServe Mail Client (Newton)
ConvertToMovieЄ 2.0
CS Modem RingOff
Cyberdog 2.0 68K Install
Cyberdog 2.0 PPC Install
DeskTop Pattern Clippings
Desktop Printing 2.0.1
Disk Copy 6.1.2
Disk Copy 6.1.2 Manual
Disk First Aid
Disk Image Mounter
Display Enabler 2.2.2
Display Software 2.0.2
DOS Compatibility SW 1.5
Drive Setup
Drive Setup for duo 2300c
Easy Access v.7.2
eMate Classroom Exchange
Extensions Manager 2.0.1
Fax Mac 8.2.3
GeoPortЄ for Power Macintosh
Geoport Telecom Adaptor
Geoport-EM 3.0 Update
Geoport-EM 3.1.1 Update
Graphics Accelerator v1.0.7
GSM Connection Kit 1.5
GSM for Newton
Hangul Jojung
HC 2.3.5 Stacks
HyperCard 2.3.5 Updater
HyperCard Player 2.3.5
HyperScan 2.0.1
ImageWriter Drivers
Japanese Lang Kit Update
Language Kits Font Extension
LaserWriter 8 v8.3.4 Update
LaserWriter 8.3.2
LaserWriter 8.4.1 with Fonts
LaserWriter 8.4.1 without Fonts
LaserWriter Bridge
Laserwriter Select
LaserWriter Utility 7.7
Localtalk Bridge 2.0 to 2.1 patch
Localtalk Bridge 2.0.1 to 2.1 patch
Location Manager
Mac OS 7.6.1 Update
Mac OS 7.6.1 Update for 3400
MacDNS 1.0.3 Folder
Macintosh Product Guide June 97
MacPPP 2.5 Folder
MacsBug 6.5.3
MacTCP Ping
Make QTVR Object 1.0b4
Make QTVR Panorama 1.0b4
MAP 1.0
MegaDial Manual
MessagePad 100 Update 1.3
MessagePad 110 Update 1.3
MessagePad 120 Sys Upd 2.0
MessagePad 130 Sys Upd 2.0
MessagePad 2000 Sys Upd 2.1
MIDI Management Tools 2.0.2
MODE32 for 7.5
Mount IDE Drive Д
Mouse Keys - PowerBook 1.0.1
MovieShopЄ 1.2.1
MRJ 1.0.2 Installer alias
MRJ 1.5b1 Install alias
Music Toolkit Installer
NCU 1.0 Updater
NCU Updater 1.0 for windows
Network Access Disk
Network Assistant 2.0.1 Updater
Network Software Installer
New Dictionary of the Living World
Newton 2.0 Backgrounder
Newton Package Installer
Newton Package Installer 1.1 Windows
NTK 1.6.2 Updater for Mac
ObjectSupportLib 1.2
Open Transport 1.1.2
OpenDocЄ 1.1
OT PPP 1.0-Net Install Folder
PANTONE Color Picker
Pantone XYZ Source Profile
PB 150 Update 1.0
PB 3400 7.6.1 Update
PB1400 ATA Flash
PB500 series PCMCIA Software RevC v2.0
PC Card Software 2.0
PC Setup 1.0.2
PC Setup DIMM Patch folder
Personal LaserWriters
Personal Modem Fax Update
PhotoFlash 2.0 to 2.0.1
PlainTalk 1.2.1
PlainTalk 1.3 Net Install
PlainTalk 1.4.1
PlainTalk 1.5
PlainTalk 1.5
Portable StyleWriter
PowerBook 1400 Updates
PowerBook VM Tuner
PowerCD Setup 1.0.1
PowerPC Interrupt Extension
PowerTalk 1.2.3
PowerTalk Extras 1.2
PowerTalk Mail Reader 1.1
PowerTalk Migration Tools
Project X (Windows)
Project X Large 68K
Project X Large PPC
Project X Small 68K
Project X Small PPC
PS Fax Cover Page Utilities
QDGX Spooler Patch 1.0.2 folder
QTVR Components 1.0.2 patch
QuickDrawЄ 3D Extras 1.0.1
QuickDrawЄ 3D 1.5.1 Mac
QuickDraw 3D 1.5.1 for Windows
QuickDraw GX 1.1.5
QuickTimeЄ 2.5 Extras
QuickTimeЄ MPEG Install
QuickTimeЄ Plug-in
QuickTime 2.5
QuickTime for Windows
QuickTime for Windows 2.1.2
ResEdit 2.1.3
Router 3.0 - 3.0.1 Patch
Router 3.0 Rev. B - 3.0.1 Patch
Scanner (2.0 )
Scanner (3.0 )
SimpleText 1.3.1
Slow SCSI Extension
Sound Manager 3.2.1
StyleWriter 1200 2.1.2
StyleWriter II Z-1.2
Sys 7.5 Upd 2.0 Custom Install
Sys 7.5.5 Update QA.txt
System 7 Tune-Up
System 7.1
System 7.5 Update 2.0
System 7.5.3 Rev 2
System 7.5.5 Update Intl
System Update 3.0
System Z-6.0.8L
The QuickTime FAQ.pdf
TokenTalk Prep 2.5.3
Trackpad Climate Control
User Supplied CCLs
Video Monitor
Video Software Installer 1.2
Video SW Installer 1.5.1
What's New in 7.5
WorldScriptЄ Updater 1.1

Architecture: 68k PPC