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Apple Service - Display Adjustment Utilities (CRT)

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For Mac OS 8 - 8.1
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Guides on emulating older applications

These Apple Service utilities are designed to help you service and adjust your Apple CRT display. These utilities are compatible with all-in-one computers, like the iMac G3, G3 All-In-One, and stand alone Apple CRT displays. Please review the information below and in the accompanying documentation to determine which utility is right for your device.

This collection contains the following display utilities.

• AppleVision Recovery Utility 1.0f1 (from 1996)
• Display Adjustment Utility 2.0 (from 1998)
• Display Adjustment Utility 4.2 (from 2000)
• Display Service Utility 4.2.1 (from 1998)
• USB Display Service Utility 3.0 (from 2000)

This collection was partly sourced from a 2002 Apple Service MacTest Pro folder. It also includes a Disk Utilities folder. It contains Disk Copy 6.3.3, Disk First Aid, Drive Setup 2.0.7, and SCSIProbe 4.3. This folder originated from the May 2002 MacTest Pro (G3) where most of these utilities were sourced from.

These utilities are designed to work with actual hardware and will not work properly under emulation. The AppleVision Recovery Utility may work with 68k Macs, but the rest are likely PowerPC only.

In order to use the Display Adjustment Utility 4.2 on an iMac G3 (Slot-Loading) a jumper cable must be installed, refer to the service manual for details.

Architecture: 68k PPC