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Mac OS X 10.4.10 (MacBook Pro)

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691-6088-A2ZMacBook_Pro._Mac_OS_X_Install_Disc_1._Mac_OS_v10.4.10._AHT_v3A124._Disc_v1.2_DVD_DL.001 (500.00 MB)
MD5: ac92a9e103c4e27ad3095a844b227b62
For Mac OS X
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691-6088-A2ZMacBook_Pro._Mac_OS_X_Install_Disc_1._Mac_OS_v10.4.10._AHT_v3A124._Disc_v1.2_DVD_DL.002 (500.00 MB)
MD5: dbe268779b3b52420eeec82792030069
For Mac OS X
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691-6088-A2ZMacBook_Pro._Mac_OS_X_Install_Disc_1._Mac_OS_v10.4.10._AHT_v3A124._Disc_v1.2_DVD_DL.003 (500.00 MB)
MD5: 8888cecc26f6f82caca74157f585529d
For Mac OS X
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691-6088-A2ZMacBook_Pro._Mac_OS_X_Install_Disc_1._Mac_OS_v10.4.10._AHT_v3A124._Disc_v1.2_DVD_DL.004 (500.00 MB)
MD5: 8bdc4ca5f5789bda0199a66b9bb97d2c
For Mac OS X
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691-6088-A2ZMacBook_Pro._Mac_OS_X_Install_Disc_1._Mac_OS_v10.4.10._AHT_v3A124._Disc_v1.2_DVD_DL.005 (500.00 MB)
MD5: 04ea5a2eaba59417bb73ab53cf542201
For Mac OS X
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691-6088-A2ZMacBook_Pro._Mac_OS_X_Install_Disc_1._Mac_OS_v10.4.10._AHT_v3A124._Disc_v1.2_DVD_DL.006 (500.00 MB)
MD5: 34c0a1afc67449e5585f0fe42ac736cb
For Mac OS X
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691-6088-A2ZMacBook_Pro._Mac_OS_X_Install_Disc_1._Mac_OS_v10.4.10._AHT_v3A124._Disc_v1.2_DVD_DL.007 (500.00 MB)
MD5: edc5ebbc3182a9d719d336e757a62e16
For Mac OS X
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691-6088-A2ZMacBook_Pro._Mac_OS_X_Install_Disc_1._Mac_OS_v10.4.10._AHT_v3A124._Disc_v1.2_DVD_DL.008 (500.00 MB)
MD5: cb03db9a88fc77f67c066704bca6c111
For Mac OS X
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691-6088-A2ZMacBook_Pro._Mac_OS_X_Install_Disc_1._Mac_OS_v10.4.10._AHT_v3A124._Disc_v1.2_DVD_DL.009 (252.92 MB)
MD5: 57ac951bd92edfb218f127d84625b31d
For Mac OS X
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691-6113-A2ZMac_OS_X_Install_Disc_2._Disc_v1.0_DVD.001 (500.00 MB)
MD5: b1be511d2c07d0bc4ede7d0c0625bd81
For Mac OS X
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691-6113-A2ZMac_OS_X_Install_Disc_2._Disc_v1.0_DVD.002 (500.00 MB)
MD5: a562a422281c036ece87571b1c593852
For Mac OS X
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691-6113-A2ZMac_OS_X_Install_Disc_2._Disc_v1.0_DVD.003 (500.00 MB)
MD5: d782c411dd74eafdda598134557461d6
For Mac OS X
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691-6113-A2ZMac_OS_X_Install_Disc_2._Disc_v1.0_DVD.004 (500.00 MB)
MD5: d7d0df99970883428fc08a1bb8248789
For Mac OS X
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691-6113-A2ZMac_OS_X_Install_Disc_2._Disc_v1.0_DVD.005 (500.00 MB)
MD5: 625f99bb0daff3a8fbc03391a3d96308
For Mac OS X
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691-6113-A2ZMac_OS_X_Install_Disc_2._Disc_v1.0_DVD.006 (500.00 MB)
MD5: 2d4b7c2692bdfe1ffeccd4e46bc83d5a
For Mac OS X
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691-6113-A2ZMac_OS_X_Install_Disc_2._Disc_v1.0_DVD.007 (500.00 MB)
MD5: a3bb8ecd8b845e9d092fcd9b9265eef2
For Mac OS X
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691-6113-A2ZMac_OS_X_Install_Disc_2._Disc_v1.0_DVD.008 (368.81 MB)
MD5: 571c8bc5f7c2fc476b6a5984414d709e
For Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older applications

Apple MacBook Pro, Mac OS X 10.4.10 restore media for Santa Rosa (SR) models:

DL parts #1 to #9 for Disc 1:
691-6088-A,2Z,MacBook Pro. Mac OS X Install Disc 1. Mac OS v10.4.10. AHT v3A124. Disc v1.2 (DVD DL)

DL parts #10 to #17 for Disc 2:
691-6113-A,2Z,Mac OS X Install Disc 2. Disc v1.0 (DVD)

Files compressed with 7Z - keep separate folders for each parts group before rejoining the part files.

Multiple chunks to avoid 'http error 0' on my side.

Preferred Machine ID: MacBookPro3,1

Architecture: x86 (Intel:Mac)

MacBookPro 2.2GHz, MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz, MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6GHz (except Core Duo or 2.16/2.33GHz)

DL #1 at top of page has an unwanted "_0" in filename, between "DVD_DL" and the ending ".001" as in: ...DVD_DL_0.001 - This may upset and fool archiving apps when trying to merge all file parts back together causing a failure to complete the reconstruction of the .iso correctly.

Removing the unwanted "_0" from the filename of part .001 will fix this issue.

Keka is able to fully restore this archive OK.


Alyxx Parke's picture
by Alyxx Parke - 2020, November 23 - 7:16pm

not sure this is still being watched but how do i create a usb installer with this? and change the document file to ISO or DMG

macjanjouf's picture
by macjanjouf - 2018, February 21 - 12:48am

You can modded it ... and it will work for all models.... google this ...

macjanjouf's picture
by macjanjouf - 2018, February 21 - 12:47am

Thank you very much ....
and it is for this models:,1

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2017, April 29 - 3:14am

Methinks, if not exactly known which model a media`s for,
don't waste your time with uploading. Wink