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Apple LaserWriter 4/600 PS vZ-8.2.2

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printerdisks_lw8.2.2.sit (3.13 MB)
MD5: ab25dae300d5bf47fe98dced5c69cb89
For System 7.0 - 7.6
Guides on emulating older applications

Printer Software for Apple LaserWriter printers with PostScript version 8.2.2 that came with a LaserWriter 4/600 PS. It includes Desktop PrintMonitor version 1.0, Apple Printer Utility version 1.2, LaserWriter 8 Printer Driver version 8.2.2. The download consists of DiskCopy 4.2 images of the six original floppy install disks.

Architecture: 68k

Requires System Software 7 (at least version 7.1)


MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2015, August 17 - 5:02am

  ...can't fit on a normal floppy disk, unless I can find a way to spread it among a few disks...

For existing archives, you can use Split & Join to do this. Its easy to use, runs on a wide range of classic Mac OS's and works well for these kinds of archives.

Caveat is, it's required at both ends (for splitting & joining). If the host computer you DL to doesn't support running a classic Mac OS, you can use an emulator. All of the current classic Mac emulators can use this splitter.

MacSE's picture
by MacSE - 2015, August 16 - 8:29pm

Is there any way you can post the standalone 8.2.2 driver? I need it for my 4/600 PS (and to use it on Macs that run up to System 7). This entire thing can't fit on a normal floppy disk, unless I can find a way to spread it among a few disks...

The Macs that I need this driver for are NOT connected to the internet and cannot simply download this driver. I have no other way to transfer the driver but to use floppy disks.