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Apple Historical DVD's (1 - 8)

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Guides on emulating older applications

Apple Historical DVD 1 has 65 minutes of truly interesting video covering the Late Apple // and Early Macintosh years. Most all of this footage has never been seen by the general public. Also see photo and description below for a glimpse into this item.

• Time Capsule recorded in 1987, looking into the future of 1997. Woz, Yocam, Sculley, Spindler. (funny, interesting!)
• Our Engineers, behind the curtain, circa 1989.
• Personal Best: The Macintosh in Business, College, Elementary Settings.
• Golden Age Mac Advertisements. Golden Age Apple II Advertisements. Joke by Jean Louis Gassee.
• Additional Knowledge Navigator Clips
• Apple II Business Graphics - A real eye opener!
• Hinduism and the Macintosh.
• Apple Europe - The Picture Show - Mac Classic, LC, Early PowerBook Era - Interesting!
• Clips by John Sculley, Alan Kay.
• Slick Flat Panel Macintoshes, Speech Based OS
• Ray Bradbury on the Future of Computing.
Apple Historical DVD 2 has 70 minutes of truly interesting video covering Early Apple to Futuristic Apple Visions.

• Apple's Moment of Birth... An emergency call from Cramer Electronics to Paul Terrell owner of the budding "The Byte Shop", wanting to know if it was okay to sell raw components to "Two Guys" to build 50 Apple /'s.
• One reason Apple got it's name, "it put us ahead of Atari in the phonebook" says a laughing Steve Jobs.
• Colored Apple //s - Apple never shipped them, but had plans for colored //s similar to the iMacs.
• Why we created Macintosh by Burrell Smith, Andy Hertzfeld, George Crow, Mike Murry and Bill Atkinson. (interesting!)
• Demonstration of the 128K Mac from 1983.
• The Macintosh Factory
• Macintosh joins our 32-Bit Family, by Steve Jobs
• A very young Bill Gates proclaims: "Macintosh will be half our retail sales next year" and "Microsoft doesn't work with new hardware very often".
• Apple Electronic Binoculars
• Extended Version of Knowledge Navigator
• Early Flat Panel Macintoshes
• The Fabled Macintosh Tablet
• Touch Screens and Object Based OSes
Apple Historical DVD 3 has 80 minutes of truly interesting video covering the Early to Middle Macintosh years.

• Macintosh User Interface Philosophy. Comments and Video Examples by Don Norman, Bruce Tognazzini, Larry Tesler and Alan Kay of Apple's Human Interface Group. Quite interesting, these same ideas live today in a Modern Macintosh.
• Beginner's Luck: A large number of Families and Individuals give their views on first experiences using an Apple // or Macintosh. Funny!
• Introduction of the Mac Portable: Just as the Apple / and Lisa paved the way for later Apple innovations, the Mac Portable laid the ground work for today's iBook and PowerBook. Colorful Jean-Louis Gassee builds a Portable LIVE on stage, explains "Battery Paranoia" and design choices needed to build the first "luggable" Macintosh.
• Macintosh on the Move: A funny spoof on the complexities, trials and tribulations of creating the first battery powered Mac. Inside Jokes Galore.
• Apple 1989 Product Review: A very fast look at every product Apple introduced that year. Some inside jokes, can you figure them out?
• The History of Publishing told by BBC's James Burke. A mini documentary on how Apple fits into the latest stage of Publishing using a timeline based from the 1430's. Very Well Done.
• Programming: A polished looked at the Mac Toolbox, API's, Networking, AppleTalk, etc. Comments from the Inventor of AppleTalk. If you write software for the Mac, these early clips explain the core of programing on the Macintosh.
• Introduction of HyperCard in a "News Flash" style report. Bill Atkinson is interviewed and tells of his vision for HyperCard. Chris Espinosa makes an appearance as HyperCard Product Manager. Ideas on possible 3D HyperCard interfaces are shown.
Apple Historical DVD 4 has 98 minutes of truly interesting video covering the Middle Macintosh years.

• A/UX: The Introduction of UNIX to the Macintosh world, circa 1988. Sculley gives a somewhat dry speech, but foretells Apple's OS strategy some 12 years before OSX appears. He mentions the work of Ted Nelson, talks about SketchPad, HyperText, SmallTalk and the idea of HyperCard for Unix believe it or not.
• Macintosh + Mathmatica = Infinity: Steven Wolfram of Mathematica fame shows and talks about how the Macintosh will transform Mathematics. Fairly Geeky, but interesting to some.
• Design and the Macintosh, Domino's Pizza and the Macintosh, ABC News and the Macintosh. Various Clips showing unique ways to use a Mac.
• Gil Amielio talks about Apple 1 month into his tenure. Love him or hate him, this approx 10 minute clip will give you a new perspective on the difficulties Apple experienced some 8 years ago. John Sculley answers User Group Questions, such as: "What is the future of the Apple II in Education and the Home?" Kinda fun. Alan Loren, on Macintosh Marketing.
• Full length version of John Sculley's Knowledge Navigator.
• The Business of Education: How Macs can work in School Administration.
• Apple II Video Overlay: VERY early look at where programs like iMovie originated. Yes, the Apple II could produce Videos.
• Introduction of the Mac IIcx & Full Page Monitor: The ever funny Jean-Louis Gassee hosts another building of a Mac on stage, Sculley is there to show his pride and joy, the first single page Mono Monitor. Larry Tesler of the Advanced Technology Group speaks on the Design Principles behind Macintosh Hardware. Interesting!
Apple Historical DVD 5 has 102 minutes of truly interesting video covering the Early to Middle Macintosh years.

• Apple introduces the popular PowerBook 100, 140, 170. A look into the complex engineering that went into these models... mockups, pencil drawings, comments on SONY building the PowerBook 100. Items like the introduction of the palm-rest, keyboards we use today are discussed. Employee Intro where new features are shown. Funny!
• Macs in Space. A quick clip of how the 1.4MB SuperDrive reacts in Space. Great stuff!
• Early Mac Animations. In 1988, Apple was eager to show off the graphics power of its 68020 line of computers. First up, a group of talented artists produced "Pencil Test," an animated short created entirely on a Macintosh II. Animations: Tempest, Her Majesty's Secret Serpent, Pigment Promenade, The Audition and Splash Dance are also shown. John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton of Pixar fame are listed in the credits.
• Steve Wozniak along with David Cram discuss ESD, (electrostatic discharge), in a rather entertaining video about how static electricity can harm Service Parts. Good for teaching on this subject, one of the BEST. Not as boring as it sounds!
• Mac vs. PC. In a well done feature, Apple goes head to head with OS/2 and early Windows. Many of the comparisons hold true today. It's quite an eye opening video, fun to watch.
• Macintoshes building Macintoshes. Apple's pride and joy, the $20-million, ultra modern Fremont facility where many early Macs were made. Shows the Mac SE and Mac II being built, tour of entire plant. Processes and testing to make each logicboard, etc. This factory can produce one Mac every 27 seconds. Interesting!
Apple Historical DVD 6 has 94 minutes of truly interesting video covering the Middle Macintosh years. Most all of this footage has never been seen by the general public. Also see photo and description below for a glimpse into this item.

• The Making of "1984". Rather amazing video covering the behind the scenes work of Apple's famous 1984 commercial. Lee Clow of Chiat/Day talks of his first visit with Burrell, Andy and Steve. Ridley Scott of Blade Runner and BBC fame is interviewed on how it was filmed, how they hired 150 skinheads, how they arrived at using an Athlete for the Sledgehammer toss, at... "Karl Marx". Other great info, they bought three Airplanes, then dismantled them for props, 747 engines are on the back walls, also notice the Mac Introduction was scheduled for January 19th, not January 24th. Filmed at Sheperton Studios, London. Full Screen Versions of 1984. Exceedingly Interesting.
• The late Douglas Adams gives us a tour of the recently announced PowerBook Duo. He begins with his vision of a computing device he concieved for Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy, then walks us through how the new Duo has become this device. Well done by a famous Mac User.
• Several 3-4 minute clips on US West, Pizza Hut, FedEx and Allied Signal. Circa about 1988 when the GUI was still new inside large corporations. Early eMail, funny! Filmed with typical Apple flare.
• Historic agreement between Apple, IBM and Motorola (AIM) All the characters are there, Sculley, Spindler, Kalida & Taligent. Part PowerPC microprocessor plan. Part a plan to build a next generation microcomputer operating system. This new OS was to run on any hardware platform. It was also to be completely object-oriented from the ground up. The PowerPC portion lives on to this day.
• 1997 MacWorld Boston Keynote. A pivotal moment in Apple's history. Steve has returned, the existing Board of Directors has been let go, Steve makes peace with Microsoft, Bill Gates is tricked into appearing as George Orwell on a huge screen... to Boos and Hisses by the audience. Great stuff!
Stylish Interviews with new Board Members:
Ed Woolard, Gareth Chang, Larry Ellison, Jerry York, Bill Campbell
This is Steve Jobs at his very best, Think Different campaign begins, the Color Apple Logo is still alive. Fun to watch again and again.
Apple Historical DVD 7 has 80 minutes of truly interesting video covering the Middle Macintosh years. Most all of this footage has never been seen by the general public. Also see photo and description below for a glimpse into this item.

• Woz on Apple... Speech given in Boston around the late 80's, he gives insight to his early life, how the book by Tom Swift "SOS At Midnight" influenced him, his interest in amateur radio, the Homebrew Club, how Apple came about, and interesting comment that, "Apple is home to the greatest revolution of our time". Everyone should see this, one of best portions on all the DVDs.
• Mission Impossible commercial with Tom Cruise highlighting the fast new PowerBook, 4 rarely seen Apple Education commercials, and the "classic" of Windows95 being used in a presentation, when Windows messes up, plenty of ideas are given to the befuddled user, then "Get a Mac" is shouted from the audience. Great stuff.
• The Martinettis Bring Home a Computer. Well produced story on the effects of having a new Apple Macintosh in the family. It's an infomercial for sure, but the production values make it like a small film. Entertaining!
• Apple Business. This is the first extensive video produced showing Apple's complete Business Strategy with AppleTalk, LaserWriter and unique graphics based software.
• Early Apple Networking - A real eye opener, interviews with the inventor of "AppleTalk", among others. Intro of TCP/IP to Apple's OS. How the early MacOS (System 7) interoperates with Mainframes, Mini, global networks.
Apple Historical DVD 8 has 85 minutes of truly interesting video covering the Middle Macintosh years. Most all of this footage has never been seen by the general public. Also see photo and description below for a glimpse into this item.

• Apple's OS Strategy a few month's after the purchase of NeXT, death of Copland. A wild video showing the new roadmap of Tempo, Allegro, Sonata, Rhapsody and how they all fit together. Steve Jobs demos features of the NeXT OS, explains where things are heading with Apple, etc... A MUST SEE.
• Apple's contribution to Music creation circa 1987. Herbie Handcock, Laurie Anderson, Santana, among others show how they use a Mac in their music.
• The World of Desktop Media, a promotional clip that contains the infamous "Hello Car", shows how scanning, printing and seeing what is on screen all matches up for consistent output.
• MovieTone News. A whimsical look into everything Apple produced in 1989, done as a 1930's esque Movie. Once again Apple makes a Video just to highlight all the hard work that went on in the 80's.
• And Much MORE...



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