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Apple E.T.O. Essentials - Tools - Objects (1993)

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E.T.O.: Essentials • Tools • Objects provides professional Macintosh software developers with the latest versions of most of Apple’s key development tools, third-party development tools, and related essential information. E.T.O. also includes important prerelease versions of many tools.
Some of the software included on E.T.O. is as follows:

• Macintosh Programmer’s Workshop (MPW) • Symantec C++ for Macintosh
• MPW 411 Help System • MacApp application framework
• MPW C++ • SADE debugger
• MPW C • SourceBug debugger
• MPW Object Pascal • MacsBug debugger
• MPW Assembler
• Symantec C++ for MPW • ResEdit
• Virtual User

E.T.O. File Organization
The files on E.T.O. are divided into two main folders, “Essentials” and “Tools - Objects”.

Architecture: 68k