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Apple 5/94 Special Edition (Accelerated for Power Macintosh)

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Accelerated4PowerMac.sit (547.96 MB)
MD5: b49f678b961a3d65b8413a01557f5b59
This app works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II,

* * * * * * WELCOME TO THE RESELLER CD! * * * * * *

Our resellers have requested a “real-life” sales tool to showcase Power
Macintosh speed and performance, and here it is! To help you sell the Power
Macintosh, Apple Evangelism and Worldwide Product Development have teamed up
to create the Reseller CD, APRLE May Supplement, which can demonstrate two
selling points for the Power Macintosh.

First, it can help you show the superior performance of the Power Macintosh.
This CD contains folders of demo applications. Each folder contains 68040 and
Power Macintosh versions. When available, a Windows 3.1 version of an application can be found in separate folders at the bottom of the window. By installing the versions on the respective machines, you can plainly show your customers the speed advantage of the Power Macintosh when you run the demos simultaneously.

Second, this CD shows that many applications are available for the Power
Macintosh. The CD contains many familiar applications which are either
available now or in the near future.

Architecture: 68k PPC x86 (Windows)