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Antares Filter VST Mac Os9

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Antares_Filter_VST_OS9.rar (79.67 KB)
MD5: da745c98539a7078408090db9bfd99c6
For Mac OS 9
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functional demo version for mac os9.

Antares Filter gives you everything you need to harmoniously shape your tracks with surgical precision or animate them with an almost limitless variety of tempo-synchronized rhythmic effects.

With four great sounding stereo multimode filters, four independent delay lines, a prodigious plug-in of control sources, powerful modulation capabilities, and features optimized for rhythmic loop-based applications, Filter is a flexible, fun and easy-to-use power tool for creating tracks (or entire mixes) that vibrate with life and character.

Key features

Four warm multi-mode stereo filters with analog sound.
Low pass, high pass, band pass and notch modes.
Variable slope: 12dB / Oct 48dB / Oct.
Four full-function delay sections.
Multiple filter routing options.
Four envelope generators.
Four LFOs of multiple shapes.
Envelope follower.
Two rhythm generators.
Powerful modulation matrix.
Extensive MIDI control.
Each time-based parameter synchronizable to MIDI.

Architecture: PPC PPC (Carbonized)

mac os9, mac os9.2