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Anarchie_2.0.1_FAT.sit (792.32 KB)
MD5: e68d8e3a08cfb4e12a8cdd1dc03be8f0
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
Anarchie_3.6.2_FAT.sit (1.17 MB)
MD5: 936a9b9e3b523d5edd4a9acac0e96dcc
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
Anarchie37.sit_.bin (1.22 MB)
MD5: 4ee8ddf944c9e6f673dcfec354af5e1d
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older applications

From the documentation:

Anarchie is an Internet engine for the Macintosh. It will let you upload and download files from FTP and web sites, get entire web sites, extract and list web links, resume interrupted and failed transfers, manage and replicate entire FTP sites, edit files on FTP sites with BBEdit, and find files using the Stairways Software Finder, a Sherlock-compatible Internet search engine.

Anarchie lets you find and download shareware and demo applications, maintain your own FTP and web sites, transfer files between computers (home and work, to/from a web server, etc.), and download an entire local copy of a web site to speed up web access or browse offline. It integrates with and acts as a companion to your web browser, letting you quickly navigate complex and elaborate web sites.


FTP upload and download files and folders
Web downloads -- download files and pages from web sites
Fully Appearance Manager savvy
Sherlock-compatible Internet Search from within Anarchie
Software Finder -- find Mac files quickly
Web browser-like windows with editable address field
Resume failed FTP and web transfers (on compliant servers)
Supports a range of FTP servers including VMS
Command-double-click to view pages in your web browser
Mirror Upload -- maintain your web or FTP site from a local folder
Get Entire Web Site -- download entire web sites
Edit remote FTP files with BBEdit transparently
Extensive Documentation, FAQ and Tips
Save passwords in bookmarks or in the Keychain
Internet Config support
Optionally switch web browsers to use Anarchie for FTP
Optional Internet Config override that maps http files to Anarchie
Apple Data Detector actions to use Anarchie for FTP and web downloads
Version control support
Drag & Drop (Drag Manager) support for easy interface with the Finder and other applications
AppleScriptable and Recordable
Firewall support
SOCKS proxy support
Proxy FTP support (for FTP uploading and downloading)
Proxy web support (for web downloading and Mac Search)
MacBinary uploads and downloads
SITE INDEX support
Connectionless FTP support
Comes complete with bookmarks to many popular sites
Supports UserLand's MenuSharing
Supports Marc Moini's Smart Scroll

  • [Top DL]: Anarchie 2.0.1 (FAT; both 68k and PPC native)
  • [2nd DL]: Anarchie 3.6.2 (FAT; both 68k and PPC native)
  • [3rd DL]: Anarchie 3.7 (PPC)
  • See Also: Interarchy

    Architecture: 68k PPC

    Anarchie requires System 7 and MacTCP 1.1 or later. System 7.5.5 and Open Transport 1.2 or later are both highly recommended.


    MacNiels's picture
    by MacNiels - 2020, March 8 - 8:06pm

    Added versions 2.0.1 and 3.6.2, which also run on 68k machines (FAT binary). Version 3.7, that was uploaded first, is PPC-only.

    soudesune's picture
    by soudesune - 2015, November 5 - 9:26am

    Review from contemporary magazine (MacFormat — April 1994) added.

    meleemario's picture
    by meleemario - 2014, July 16 - 6:53am

    Balrog: I uploaded a fresh copy of Anarchie. It appeared to me that no one else got to it. I do hope this helps. I also gave this page much more love (adding information and such) which should help those who are curious about this program!

    Balrog's picture
    by Balrog - 2010, October 13 - 4:37am

    Corrupt. if you want to re-upload.