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Aldus PressWise 1.0

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MD5: 0a7624676d0616cc690b02c4614b4c82
For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
Guides on emulating older applications

You're a commercial printer, service bureau, color trade shop, or publisher. You work with Aldus PageMaker or QuarkXPress files every day and output them to high-resolution PostScript devices. More important, you know that to stay competitive in this business means offering new services as well as quality production. It also means you need Aldus PressWise, the newest generation of production imposition software for the Macintosh.
Designed for the production professional, Aldus PressWise makes imposition easy, accurate, and fast-just what you'd expect electronic imposition to be. Moreover, PressWise accepts the kind of pages you already receive: composite, pre-separated, or OPI-compatible PostScript files from Aldus PageMaker 4.2 and QuarkXPress 3.1, plus independent EPS files created from almost any application.
Whether you're creating simple printer spreads, producing full 32-page signatures, or just optimizing the layout of PostScript pages for a printer, PressWise is the right tool for the job.

The archive contains the installer for the demo only. If you can get the full installer feel free to add it for archival. Two floppy disks in DiskCopy 4.2 format, compressed in pre-5.x stuffit friendly format.

•• Trial Version program constraints
The following features are either disabled or constrained in this trial version of PressWise. Please refer to the on-line help system, the Tutorial document, and this ReadMe document for more information about working with PressWise.

Disabled features:
- Download PS (“File” menu)
- Bleeds (“Print options” dialog)

Constrained features:
- Page size (“Signature setup” dialog). Constrained to 7 inches by 9.5 inches.
- “Aldus PressWise” banner. Prints on all pages of your output.

Note: couldn't get the tutorial to work under 7.6.1. Older version of SSW7 is probably needed.

Architecture: 68k

To run this demo you'll need:
System 6.0.5 or later (7.0 compatible)
Recommended Macintosh II series or Quadra 700 or 900 computer, 2MB of RAM, and 80MB hard disk.
Minimum: Macintosh Classic, 1MB of RAM, and a hard disk
Output device: most PostScript-compatible devices


macjames's picture
by macjames - 2014, January 5 - 10:21am

Indeed, nevertheless, i would like to see the non-demo of this version, sometime.

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2014, January 5 - 9:35am

I believe I posted the updated Adobe PressWise 2.5.x with dongle emu. This trial is next to useless.

I ran Adobe 2.5.x on a PowerPC Clone, and could write a 25GB imposed PS file, ready for downloading, in only a few minutes (SCSI 2 LVD - FAST & ULTRA WIDE). Ridiculous overkill for speed, but paid for itself rapidly in time saved.