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Alcohol 101

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Alcohol 101 is an interactive multimedia program. There is some on-screen reading material, twenty questions to check your awareness, and a few "choose which of two actions to take" movies. Starring actor T.J. Thyne.

At 2014-04-12, The Century Council announced their new name: the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (

Alcohol 101+, the 2003 edition of Alcohol 101, can be experienced in the World Wide Web, site

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06a5ab39c37c9a93d6d48f1074fd1bec alcohol_101.tar.gz
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8f7859ab291ec7095c92e392de84f4c731078531 alcohol_101.cdr


Alcohol 101 was created to reduce the harm associated with the misuse of alcohol. The program provides the physiological, psychological and legal information to help college students make responsible decisions about drinking. Or not drinking.

Alcohol 101 was developed by the University of Illinois in partnership with The Century Council. The Council is supported by concerned members of the beverage alcohol industry.


Produced by Digital Ranch, Inc.
in association with Herman/Benson

Robert Kirk
David Benson
Todd Herman
Robert Lihani

Associate Producer: Lisa Shaffer

Programming & Direction:
David Benson & Todd Herman

Art Direction & Design:
Rebecca & Jeff Klarin for Bughouse

"Norm" Written and Performed by:
Jason Kuller

Character Voices:
Arthur Montmorency, Danielle Koenig, &
Bill Ratner

Production Services Provided by: Nelsound,
Matchframe Video, WoodHolly Studios

Main Title and Rave Score:
Bruno Guez & Steve Snow for
Quango Music Group

Video Segments Digitized by:
Adrian Van Velsen for
Enterprise Interactive

Testing and Support by:
Entertainment Media Services

Video Stories
Produced by:
Niemack/Hassett Productions, Inc.

Producer Ann Hassett
Director/Writer Bob Niemack
Camera/Editor Shana Hagan
Sound John Slocom
Mike Lanoue
Lighting Design Eric Anderson
Facilities & Crew Empire Burbank Studios
Make-up Terri Hoyos
Wardrobe Elisa Niemack
Extras Supervisor Jennifer Cook

Cast - At the Party
Allison Nessa Hill
Andre David Bain
Dante Vito Viscuso
Jason John Campana
Jessica Maurissa Tancharoen
Katie Eliza Samet
Lisa Marjie Schaffer
Louie Brian Mathew Carr
Mark Ahmad Larnes
Perry T.J. Thyne
Police Officer Sean Cooper
Sheri Carie Yonekawa
T.J. Josh Solomon

Cast - Reality Wall Testimony
Brandon Himself
Father Alan Freeman
Josh Merlin deMartinez
Julie Tara Siener
Mike Jermaine deMartinez
Todd Jason Heppel

Special Thanks

Our families
Michael Andrews
Greystone Communications Inc.
Quango Music Group

©1997 The Board of Trustees of the
University of Illinois and The Century
Council. All rights Reserved. Reproduction
in whole or in part without written
permission from the University of Illinois
and The Century Council is prohibited.

Architecture: 68k PPC

It works in OS 8, OS 9, OS X Classic.

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