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AIX for Apple Network Servers v4.1.4.1

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MD5: 581c4fcdfcd43279a3fcfad38cea5a05
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AIX for Apple Network Servers combines Apple’s legendary expertise in providing ease of use with the power, reliability, and versatility of a UNIX–based operating system. Apple makes it easier than ever to manage a high-performance server. And because the software has been optimized for Apple Network Servers, you get an integrated system that’s reliable, scalable, and secure. AIX for Apple Network Servers provides the high-performance networking and I/O services that the Internet, publishing, file and print, and application servers require. Its 100 percent native code achieves remarkable performance by capitalizing on the RISC architecture and advanced SMP hardware design of Apple Network Servers. AIX for Apple Network Servers is based on IBM’s AIX operating system, so it gives you access to thousands of proven AIX applications. Included are trial and complimentary versions of popular AIX programs from a number of leading companies. To speed up administrative tasks, the AIX operating system includes the menu-driven System Management Interface Tool, the graphical Visual System Management interface, and the Common Desktop Environment. Other Apple enhancements to AIX include fast networking and I/O drivers tailor-made for Network Servers, high-performance AppleTalk services, and two Mac OS–based administration utilities. Because reliability is essential for high-end servers, the AIX operating system offers reliable, high-availability features such as the Journal File System (JFS), disk striping and disk mirroring (RAID 0,1), and instantaneous recognition of disk configuration modifications or file system expansion through the Logical Volume Manager (LVM). LVM also provides the scalability needed for fast-growing Internet sites and other dynamic environments such as Open Prepress Interface publishing servers. If you want the performance of a UNIX–based operating system with excellent Macintosh systems integration, AIX for Apple Network Servers is your operating system of choice.

Architecture: PPC


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by Jatoba - 2019, April 25 - 4:35pm

I wonder how this fares against Apple A/UX. Different hardware for each, though.