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AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)

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AIM_Phoenix_installer.sit (5.63 MB)
MD5: 30ee08a30f6729fedd1ee7388522ba6a
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS X
This app works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II, QEMU

From 1997 to 2017, America Online's Instant Messenger had many features to chat w/AOL, AIM, ICQ, iChat and some mobiles.

Download links and forum posts of three AIM versions:
AIM 2.0.531 (2.42 MB) · Forum Post · 1998 · Mac OS 7.1.1 and up
AIM 4.0.972 (3.29 MB) · Forum Post · 2000 · Mac OS 7.6-OS 9.x · Mac OS 7.5 also needs CFM-68K
AIM 4.7.1333 (3.4 MB) · Forum Post · 2004 · Mac OS 8.6 up to Mac OS X

A new way to run AIM again · AIM Phoenix:

When AOL discontinued their AIM service, a non-profit launched AIM Phoenix, a free service where people could register screen names to use AOL's AIM clients and chat with other registered users, even if it's not as stable or secure as AOL's original service.

The AIM Phoenix installer includes the regular AIM 4.0.972 installer, CFM-68K 4.0 system files for Mac OS 7.5 and AIM programs for 68k and PPC Macs that point to the AIM Phoenix service directly to simplify AIM sign-in.

Security Risks: AIM wasn't the most secure chat, and as a free third-party chat server, anyone wanting to use this free AIM service should avoid using it to share sensitive details like account IDs and passwords: basically anything you'd never post online · instead, fallback to email, text/sms messaging or official chat services from Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Apple, WhatsApp, etc. · please be mindful that although AIM chats are just between you and other AIM members, all of the information entered into an AIM profile is publicly searchable

Registering a Screen Name and Password: For unofficial services like AIM Phoenix, one should use unique screen names and passwords · think disposable · especially not anything you're using now or may want to use later on for sensitive online authentication like online banking, work and email logins, etc.

How to install and run AIM Phoenix:

Important: please review the registration tips outlined above before registering your screen name
■ Register a new AIM screen name at the AIM Phoenix website using a valid email for authentication
■ Unstuff the AIM Phoenix archive and run the AIM 4.0.972 installer
■ Place the appropriate AIM Phoenix application for your Mac (68k or PPC) inside the installed AIM folder
■ Run AIM Phoenix and sign-in using the screen name you registered

Messaging Tips: use common sense when chatting with anyone online · if the AIM Buddy List is set-up and supervised by a grown-up to send and receive instant messages only to trusted friends and family, then teenagers might possibly use it

Troubleshooting Tips: while using the AIM Phoenix service, the AIM preferences file can sometimes cause the program to crash, freeze, display a connection error message or simply refuse to sign into the server. Exiting the program (using the Quit command) then removing and trashing the AIM Prefs file · not the AIM Prefs Folder (that's an important distinction) · fixes most of these connection and stability issues · doing this also wipes any preferences you've set. These sign-in errors tend to happen when you've opened the program and after the prefs file gets created the previous time the program attempts to, or does, sign-in · restarting your Mac can also help (as part of basic troubleshooting 101) · Also Note: sometimes it's the AIM Phoenix service that's unavailable instead of · or along with · an AIM Prefs file issue.

Notes for AIM 2.0 and 4.7: editing version 2.0's server address didn't result in a successful connection on Mac OS 8 · when the AOL server address was changed to the AIM Phoenix server address, in AIM 4.7's preferences, it refused to sign-in · but potentially either of these two AIM clients could still connect · ymmv

Architecture: 68k PPC PPC (Carbonized)

AIM Phoenix works with either 68k and PPC Macs running the following Mac OS versions:
■ Mac OS 7.5 - 7.5.5 · requires installing the CFM-68K 4.0 system extensions to run
■ Mac OS 7.6 - 8.1
■ Mac OS 8.5 - 9.2.2
■ Neither AIM Phoenix nor AIM 2.0 have been tested on PCE/Macplus w/Mac OS 7.1.1-7.5.5 and CFM-68K


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