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After Dark Virex-D

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Virex-D.sit (33.04 KB)
MD5: e066d2bee9a539becd93199c025a4631
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It was originally included with More After Dark but it was removed and replaced I believe with Life. I never found Virex-D on Macintosh Garden but fortunately I had a copy on one of my older hard drive that still worked so I stuffed it and am sharing them before it's forever lost. I recall reading a blurb that it was removed because it can cause premature wear on hard drive due to continuous scanning.

Virex-D did have cool simulated 3D graphic of icon as it's scanned by red laser beam. As far as virus protection, consider that feature obsolete. Worked with After Dark 2.0 and 3.0. To use it, copy the unstuffed file into After Dark folder for 2.0, or create Third Party Module folder inside After Dark folder and copy the unstuffed file into Third Party Module. I have no idea if it works under 4.0 and I would appreciate feedback on this.
Old article about More After Dark with Virex-D:

Architecture: 68k

System 7 to OS 8.1