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After Dark: Totally Twisted

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After_Dark_-_Totally_Twisted.sit (2.12 MB)
MD5: acca23e99eff79e50268323cffca71bc
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Includes 16 modules for After Dark. Including:

Mime Hunt
Mowin' Boris
Phlegm Boy
Shock Clocks
Toxic Swamp
Twisted Faceplate
Bungee Roulette
Coming Soon
Flying Toilets
Message Mayhem
Mike's So-called Life


DO NOT run with other screensavers active


Tanara Kuranov's picture
by Tanara Kuranov - 2019, May 18 - 6:22pm

From the look of it, you do need the Library 4.0 file from the After Dark for OS 9 download, and remember to copy the Twisted Sounds and Twisted Art files into the Module Resources folder as well. Then it all seems to work.

Though, the description seems to be inaccurate, as there are 13 modules, and "Twisted Faceplate" isn't a module, just the graphic for the After Dark control panel when you have this set of modules selected.

LimeiBook86's picture
by LimeiBook86 - 2019, January 9 - 6:16am

I was unable to get this to work using After Dark 3.0 or 4.0. I even tried downloading the After Dark for Mac OS 9 (as the instructions file mentions), and adding the "Library 4.0" file (From the "Module Resources" folder in the OS 9 download - this isn't included in the above download.)

But each time I try to start a screen saver I get an error. First I got an error about the "Library 4.0 code file not found", but then when I put the "Library 4.0" file into the "Module Resources" folder, then the error changed to "Resource not found." So I'm giving up.

snconners's picture
by snconners - 2015, February 16 - 8:47am

One of the greatest After Dark add-on packs ever made. Many of the modules are very macabre.