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After Dark for OS 9

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After_Dark_for_OS_9.SIT (1.50 MB)
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For Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older applications

Finally, a patch that makes After Dark work on OS 9.0.4 and above! Huge thanks goes out to Daxeria for making this possible. Starry Night and Blank Screen are included.

This is the updated version, with all of the file folders(empty) that will be needed when you add modules to the package. If there is ANYTHING that has to do with After Dark, you HAVE TO HAVE THIS BUNDLE!

After Dark does work in Classic mode (on OSX) if run in Demo mode. Move the AD window as far into top left corner of the screen so you can still press the Demo button. ENJOY!!

See also: Dark Side of the Mac because it can operate many AfterDark savers especially if they don't seek shared resources, and can go into saver mode under OSX Classic, Intermission by Delrina it can run standalone AfterDark savers too.



billalpert's picture
by billalpert - 2018, September 16 - 1:03am

Cool stuff. Installed and running OS9 and Sheepshaver. Default cityscape screensaver and all the Star Trek savers work well in demo mode for me... But...

Could be user error, but if I select Star Trek or Randomizer and close the control panel after 5 mins the program always seems to default to the cityscape screen saver. Perhaps I don't know how to select the active saver?? Can't seem to find a user manual anywhere. Thanks!

SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2017, October 7 - 4:44am

I'm using AD9 in OS 9.2.1 and OSX Classic Env, on my MDD2003. I tried renaming the Control Panel and seemed to work but was very unstable, found I had to keep it named "After Dark 9"! The mouse-menu choice for making a new "MultiModule" always stays dim, but as long as the supplied multimodule is installed first, its prefpane contains a "New" button for doing so. And, thoroughly commented upon already, modules that contain compressed resources cause crashes, those modules must be identified and deleted or else AD9 will always be unstable. In the end, I find the AD9 Control Panel remains slightly unstable, giving me error #1's now and then which recommend rebooting every time.

The entire AD "v4" collection runs as-is, so does the entire "Totally Twisted" collection, both Star Treks, and Looney Toons. The "Deluxe" collection is like a reissue of v2 plus v3 plus "Art of Darkness" plus or minus a couple more. Almost half these "Deluxe" savers don't run due to having compressed resources, in which the AD v3 (circa 1994) savers were the worst offenders. There is a duplicate "Flying Toilets" in the Deluxe and the Twisted collections, one (the twisted) is a small file because it uses shared resources, the other (the "deluxe") is a large file because it amounts to being a "Flying Toilets standalone" module, not feeding on shared libs(?) 3/4 = 75% of the Disney collection runs as-is, the 4 Disney modules that crash are Cheshire Cat, Digital Ink, Donald Paints, and Goofy. Is it really so easy to repair compressed modules, using ResEdit? Please respond so we can get uncompressed versions of all modules.

In "Mowin' Boris", it's not the name of the guy riding the lawnmower, Boris is the name of the kitten. The older v2 set has a (sweet) "Boris" kitten module and a harmless "Mowin' Man" module, these two moduli became Totally-Twisted into the "Mowin' Boris" saver and you know how that story ends. Crying
"Boris" is a module won't run as-is (in Demo mode) BUT does run in Saver mode with 1 or 2 Borisses, not all 3 of him.

OKFJ's picture
by OKFJ - 2016, October 3 - 12:13pm

To Daxeria - This is a copy of the comment I have just put up on this page:
Good News!! I have found that After Dark does work in Classic mode (on OSX) if run in demo mode. Simply set it to your desired module, or in random mode, then move the entire AD window so far 'into' the top left of your screen that you will just be able to click on the DEMO button. Enjoy!!

OKFJ's picture
by OKFJ - 2016, October 3 - 12:08pm

Good News!! I have found that After Dark does work in Classic mode (on OSX) if run in demo mode. Simply set it to your desired module, or in random mode, then move the entire AD window so far 'into' the top left of your screen that you will just be able to click on the DEMO button. Enjoy!!

almightyM's picture
by almightyM - 2015, February 1 - 9:58pm

To whom it may concern:
I've been using this version of AfterDark on many computers for a long time, but I never could the music in flying toasters to work properly, until now.
When I maxed out my main computer (Beige G3 Desktop, I am writing this on that machine right now), at 768MB RAM, I figured, there is no need for virtual memory, then tried it again and the music played perfectly. Later I tried turning VM on again, since one program needed it and the music was laggy again. So I finally made that out. If you want the midi playing while the flying toasters, turn off your virtual memory. Man, It's cool to hear that music Laughing out loud

laydeebugg's picture
by laydeebugg - 2013, June 14 - 1:57am

Thanks Daxeria for getting back to me. I still have my MAC SE single disk drive...and it works like new!
I also have a G3 desktop that I think might have plain system 9 still on it. Anyway, sounds like you've made a lot of people happy. Messages 4.0 with the foggy screen and the finger writing a message is still the coolest screen saver. I remember turning up the sound and freaking people out when they walked by the computer Smile (I had a Performa back then.) Gave that one to my Dad. He loved it. Have a good night. Patti

Daxeria's picture
by Daxeria - 2013, June 13 - 3:21am

laydeebugg, I'm afraid AD will only work if you're booted directly into OS 9 or lower, not using OS X with classic mode. Sad Sorry for not making this clear in the instructions; it never occurred to me that anyone would try it in OS X. I'm surprised the cityscape even loaded!

laydeebugg's picture
by laydeebugg - 2013, June 13 - 2:21am

I was so happy to even hope to get original After Dark to work on my ibook (OS 10.3, with classic OS9.2.2) I'm afraid the instructions were over simple-ized. I placed those darn files and apps in every different control panel on my machine; restarted after each install. Flickers trying to load the screensaver. It even starts for a second or two...then back to the resource warning on black screen. End up with city-scape. Bor-r-r-r-ing. I want the Messages 4.0 with the foggy screen and the human finger writing a message, with the "squeaky" sound and all! My fave of all time... but so many run a very close second.
Bravo to Dax for so much work--just for little ol' Mac lovers like me Smile
I have AD 4.0 & AD 9 then the AD folder has every module ever close and yet so far. Just won't work. I've spent two hours a day, every day for a week. Step-by-step. Just won't work. I know it must be assumed that anyone trying to use AD must be somewhat savvy...I thought I was...Nope. Not that savvy. Should these files be in OS 10 sys/controlpanels file, or OS9.2.2 Classic controlpanels file? That's the million dollar question for me that none of the documentation seems to mention: which OS control panel file? Thanks if you bothered reading my rant. Just disappointed is all. Have a good one everybody.

vintagegeek's picture
by vintagegeek - 2013, May 22 - 1:39am

This patched version is great. Running on OS 9.2 on iBook clamshell. Downloaded the Trek modules and others. Feels like old times.

OKFJ's picture
by OKFJ - 2011, April 19 - 4:51am

YAY.... I only just now found this, after searching for answers as to how to make AD work on my OS 9, all because nobody wanted to buy my copy on eBay!
I'm a happy camper once again.

bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2010, July 12 - 8:45am

What about using one of the earlier After Dark versions ?

It's not really After Dark for OS 9, it's the modules that must be prepared for OS9 - all to do with compressed resources.

schavira's picture
by schavira - 2010, July 12 - 2:25am

I tried using this in SheepShaver and it crashes on startup everytime. I'm using 9.0.4 as my operating system.

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2010, March 17 - 1:05am

This is a good addition. I discovered this and "fixed" packs on another site. It works perfectly except for modules requiring a separate FPU (Satori, Rose etc.?). I have not experimented with SoftwareFPU to get these working, but Simpsons seemed to work beautifully. Actually, worth it just to use the Simpsons screensavers...

bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2010, March 16 - 2:02pm

Have you tried opening the resources in ResEdit ? From memory, at the time, I remember ResEdit not supporting compressed resource forks, if you opened them, it would uncompress them. I think ResEdit even gives you a warning message about it when you open them.

Again, from memory, compressed resource forks was nothing special, I did read about it at the time and there may still be info out there for one to get a better idea as to the reasoning behind using them.

Just a little caveat, yet again from memory, something in the back of my mind tells me that it was OS9.2 and later that required the resource forks to be compressed, while OS9.1 and earlier lived with the normal resource forks. A google search will clear up any confusion.

amatecha's picture
by amatecha - 2010, March 16 - 10:13am

Works alright with some modules, but with a LOT of the modules, it just crashes or freezes (one time got The Bomb and had to reboot)... Sad (i'm on 9.2.2 on iMac G3 600mhz w/512mb of RAM)

I am going to try using ResEdit to increase memory allocation....

Edit: Ah. I see. I hadn't read the "AD9 Read Me" (read everything else but skipped over that one for some reason). Turns out the reason tons of modules crash is because they have compressed resources which are not supported in OS 9.1 or later. After Dark 9 works by having those compressed resources decompressed into normal resources.

I guess my question now is: how could one decompress the dcmp resources into normal resources (or would that even be possible without tons of hand-editing assembly)?? I would glady try "repairing" a few AD modules to work with OS 9.1 or later.

OK another update. Wasn't even when choosing Starry Night. I reboot and place cursor in activation corner and it does nothing. Pressing activation key-command makes it so i can't click on any menus or do any key commands, unlress i press cmd-opt-esc and click Cancel. THEN I see an earlier comment to make the control panel un-Locked... that seems to make it work again. Unfortunately it seems that the control panel gets re-locked every time I restart ( I think?).. ah well...

Tam's picture
by Tam - 2009, May 15 - 10:00pm

it works, just select the icon of after dark inside of control panel and check if it's locked.
If so then Unlock it and works (For me)

j_damage•69's picture
by j_damage•69 - 2009, May 11 - 7:03am

Unexpectedly quits on original OS 9 and 9.2.2, no matter where the after dark control panel application is placed....