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After Dark - Cool Disk

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After_Dark_-_Cool_Disk.SIT (938.60 KB)
MD5: 7edca17a05c5f110ad3bf68d3624e6f3
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This is a pack of 17 modules that was originally included in a book called "Cool Mac After Dark".


DO NOT run with other screensavers active


SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2017, October 16 - 12:11am

Module "Kings Cross Coke" is a striking simulation of a real electronic Coke billboard memorable for its malfunctioning. Speaking of malfunctioning, this module fatally crashes my "After Dark 9" in OS9 and Classic Env, but actually works in both DarkSide and Intermission screensaver emulators.

kd0tpc's picture
by kd0tpc - 2013, July 27 - 10:46pm

This is 68k native, works well on PowerPC also thanks to the built in 68lc040 emulator in the Macintosh ROM.

Mycatisbigfoot's picture
by Mycatisbigfoot - 2009, September 15 - 1:43am

What core is this for
68K or PPC?