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aete Editor for ResEdit

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For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
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About the aete Editor
This file «ResEdit aete editor» contains RSSC resources that add an editor for Apple Event Terminologies to ResEdit. Apple Event Terminologies are resources of types 'aete' and since Apple Event User Terminologies have almost the same template structure, I map resources of this type to Apple Event Terminologies. These Apple Event Terminologies are mainly used in AppleScript system to define terminologies of AppleScript language.

The Apple Event Terminology editor has a graphical user interface similar to other ResEdit's editors and Macintosh's applications so that you already know how to use it.

The Apple Event Terminology editor is tested only with ResEdit version 2.1.3. I don't know whether it will work with ResEdit of another version.

This file «ResEdit aete editor» contains Apple Event terminology editor and all its associated resources. Using ResEdit, copy ALL the resources in «ResEdit aete editor» except for vers resource into ResEdit or into your ResEdit Preference file. NOTE that you should not install into both files. It may cause a system crash.

About AECT Resource
Apple Event uses 4 byte code in almost everywhere. These codes are registered in Apple Event Registry.
The resource of type 'AECT' defines a group of 4 byte codes that is used in sub menus of Code menu and the keyform popup menu of the element editor. You can modify them and add new goupes as you like. The resource of id 7560 is corresponding to the keyform popup menu. The resources of id 7561 or higher are corresponding to sub menus of Code menu. Name of these resources are the name of sub menus.
NOTE that the resources must have continuous IDs from 7560.
Edit AECT resource using the template in «ResEdit aete editor».

The Apple Event Terminology editor uses several sub menus in Code menu whose menu IDs may cause conflicts with other editors. The menu IDs start with 188.

The Apple Event Terminology editor is not part of the official ResEdit release, and has not been rigorously tested. Use caution when using any version of ResEdit to which you have added this editor.


- ResEdit 2.13
- Super ResEdit also works