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Adobe Type Reunion v1

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Adobe_Type_Reuniontm_1.01.dsk (818.83 KB)
MD5: feb8d20c48ff3d2c595c0a1442b9f660
For System 6.x
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
Adobe_Type_Reuniontm_1.03.dsk (818.83 KB)
MD5: eff4e362e4633f92571d7185a9efbcb9
For System 6.x

Adobe Type Reunion, versions 1.01 and 1.03.

"Have you ever had trouble finding a familiar face in a crowd?

It's a real problem — and the more font software you buy, the worse it gets. Soon, you're spending too much time scrolling through the endless Font Menu, trying to find an elusive italic or a surprisingly shy bold. If only you could take a short-cut! Well, now you can, with Adobe Type Reunion. Simply drag Adobe Type Reunion software into your System Folder and your fonts are automatically sorted by family name — once and for all. Find the font you need in seconds, then select the type you want from a convenient submenu. That's all there is to it.

Of course, the Adobe Type Reunion program works with virtually any application, including popular font utilities like Suitcase II or Master Juggler.

So if you're tired of coming face-to-face with unwieldy font menus, put them in their place.

With Adobe Type Reunion, you'll always be able to find a familiar face in the crowd."

Architecture: PPC

"Adobe Type Reunion is compatible with virtually every Macintosh software application — from word processing and spreadsheets, to page layout and presentations. It works with font software from all major vendors, including: Adobe, Agfa Compugraphic, Autologic, Bitstream, Linotype, Monotype and Varityper.

System requirements: Macintosh Plus or above, 1 Megabyte memory or more, Hard disk or one 800k floppy drive, System 6.0.2 or later.