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Adobe Director 11.5

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Adobe® Director® 11.5.9 (formerly Macromedia Director) and Adobe Shockwave® Player help you create and publish compelling interactive experiences for the Internet, Mac OS® and Windows® platforms, DVDs, and CDs.

Announced at GDC as an alternative to Unity, Director 11.5 is the near-final iteration of a multimedia platform that overtook HyperCard to define CD-ROM and edutainment content in the '90s. Director 11.5 comes with a new audio engine, support for H.264 video, and more 3D asset import options to build 32 bit multimedia experiences for OS X 10.5 on Intel and PowerPC.

New 3D rendering techniques and asset import options
Parallax mapping is offered as an enhancement of Normal/Bump Mapping technique. This technique provides more apparent depth and greater realism with less impact on the performance.

Director 11.5 also allows for cube mapping, a method of using a six-sided cube as the shape of the map. The model is projected onto the six faces of a cube and stored as six square textures, or unfolded into six regions of a single texture.

Taking a page from rendering techniques pioneered by Doom 3, Director 11.5 introduces normal mapping, a technique used for showing finer details like lighting of bumps and dents without using additional polygons.

If desired, a new "render to texture" option allows for 3D capable textures that are created and updated at runtime.

Keeping up with the latest 3D standards, Adobe Director also provides support for importing Collada-based models and Google SketchUp models.

New Character Controller capabilities
Make your games with a finer control of characters and rigid bodies and make all of them interact with each other.

Cloth simulation capabilities
Start using the cloth simulation techniques to incorporate flags and banners in your game.

New audio compression properties
Audio compression properties have been added in the Publish dialog settings. The supported formats for audio compression are: Wav files 8-bit, 16-bit with (22050, 44100, or 48000) Hz frequency-mono or stereo.

Support for Flash Player 10/ActionScript 3 movies
You can import all your Flash ActionScript 3 swf files into Adobe Director as cast members.

Support for Flex/FlashBuilder
The swf files produced from Flex Builder 3 and Flash Builder 4 can be imported into Adobe Director as cast members.

Enriched audio capabilities
Make your games sound as real as they look with 5.1-channel surround sound, real-time mixing, audio effects, and DSP filters.

Enhanced video capabilities
Enhance your user’s multimedia experience using H.264-video integration that provides full-screen, high-definition video in multimedia applications and games.

Streaming support
Stream audio and video over the Internet using RTMP support.

New binary data types
Access and manipulate binary data using the ByteArray data type. In addition, Director is now fully Unicode compliant.

Enhanced physics engine
Support for dynamic concave rigid bodies.

Enhanced productivity
Support for multiple undo/redo operations! It only took 20 years for it to happen.

Though Director has been discontinued by Adobe since February 1, 2017, activation servers for Director 11.5.x should still be online at the time in which this was uploaded (Oct 2018).

Director 11.5.x Serial Number: 1190-0087-3654-6893-4065-2740

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Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)


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