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Adobe Creative Suite 1 (Premium)

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MD5: efb44cf76c64cfe66336229f201273cc
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MD5: c56e9a5f6682277cde7a4dd17b73338b
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CS1_EN-DE-FR_Acro7.toast_.sit (223.51 MB)
MD5: 32c19bacb5aea01f741dc17c1a6b1279
For Mac OS X
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CS_1.3UPG_EN-DE-FR.toast_.sit (223.55 MB)
MD5: e5865b4248bc113e65efcfdbd942cac0
For Mac OS X
This app works with: QEMU

When Adobe retired its "Publishing Collection" range of bundled graphic design applications, it began marketing the collection as the "Creative Suite". This is the first release of the Adobe Creative Suite Premium (aka CS1).

This suite contains the graphics apps; Adobe Acrobat Professional, GoLive, Illustrator, ImageReady, InDesign, & Photoshop. It also includes Design guide and training resources, PageMaker Plug-in for InDesign, Stock Photos, & Version Cue.

Creative Suite Premium: 1131-0205-0415-6271-0043-8987
GoLive Co-Author: 1033-4762-0408-4263-0421-0853
PageMaker Plug-in: 1136-0620-7472-4204-5708-9200
Creative Suite 1.3 Upgrade: 1131-0243-8305-4125-4720-6259

Note: DL #14 was marketed as 1.3 Upgrade by Adobe but is in fact Acrobat 7 Pro, only. It looks much like the "Installer 3" CD in DL #13, which also contains Acro 7 Pro, only. Possibly a double-up where one may be removed or omitted.

Other Adobe Photoshop Versions: 0.63 (pre-Adobe) | Pre-release | 1.0.7 | 1.0.8 LE | 2.0.1 | 2.5.1 | 2.5.1 LE | 3.0 & 3.0.5 | 3.0.5 LE | 4.0 | 5.0 | 5.0 LE | 5.5 | 6.0 | 7.0 | 9.0 (CS2) | 10.0 (CS3) | 11.0 (CS4)

Architecture: PPC

PPC Mac OS X 10.2 - 10.5x - Rosetta on Intel 10.5x - 10.6x


macs1283_2's picture
by macs1283_2 - 2020, December 16 - 9:06pm

This is... AWESOME!

turtlecroc's picture
by turtlecroc - 2020, January 1 - 9:48am

In my experience, Photoshop 7 is far better than CS, at least on a G4. In part this seems to be due to greater system requirements/sloppier programming in the CS version, which is basically the same as 7 anyway.

Btw, do you need the Resources and Extras disks to use this..? Anyone know what's on them?

SolarstrikeVG's picture
by SolarstrikeVG - 2019, November 6 - 3:56am

Rosetta compatibility on 10.6.8:
Both the installer and PS both work, though I have not tested the others.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2018, September 5 - 7:33am

The 1.3 update installs Acrobat 7.0 Pro, which introduces two unpleasant features.

1). A Yahoo launch icon in the tool bar (reasonably easy to remove).

2). If you disable JavaScripting in Acrobat 7, it nags you to turn it on - each time you exit the program - Even if you don't have a document open.

I can't work out how to disable this annoying nag. So I "downgraded" back to version 6, as that doesn't have either of these "features". Tongue

Kitchen2010's picture
by Kitchen2010 - 2016, July 15 - 8:17am

Many thanks for uploading this, especially for the very rare "PageMaker Plug-in Pack for InDesign"! Smile

xy's picture
by xy - 2016, July 6 - 9:00am

you find the Indesign CS 3.0.1 update.

xy's picture
by xy - 2016, July 5 - 2:45pm

According to this:

the 1.3 update is also supposed to have an updated cue system in addition to the Acrobat 7 update.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2016, July 4 - 7:30am

... should only take me about six months or so to download.

Just in time for Santa Wink
Photoshop 7 on 10.2x to 10.4x is very nice tho', and only one vers. prior to CS1 (Photoshop 8)

WhosIt.There's picture
by WhosIt.There - 2016, July 4 - 7:28am

Thanks for the full requirements. I have just started downloading Photoshop 7, but might forget that and get this instead ... about 1GB ... should only take me about six months or so to download. Smile

I used various versions of Pagemaker for years, then bought a copy of InDesign 2.0 really cheap for about US$15 at an auction house sale (excess stock when the new version was released) that I've been using ever since.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2016, July 4 - 5:37am

@WhosIt.There: CS1 online authentication is optional, and of which, you can decline.

I'll add the complete specs, from the readme doc in Install disk 1, to the page description above.

You only need Install disks 1 & 2 if you want to install the main apps only, and the 1.3 update disk if you want Acro 7 pro.

WhosIt.There's picture
by WhosIt.There - 2016, July 4 - 2:28am

Would these still work??
I know Adobe turned off the authentication servers a while back and posted versions of the CS2 and later applications on their website which didn't need to be authenticated, but they said nothing about CS1.

According to the MacFormat review, GoLive CS1 requires a G3, G4, or G5 CPU. I don't know about the other applications in the bundle though (CS2 needs at least a G4).