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Adobe Creative Suite 2

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CS_20_IE_NonRet_D1.dmg_.sit (404.32 MB)
MD5: efc9b975818f95dd1486d31bf54d52b6
For Mac OS X
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CS_20_IE_NonRet_D2.dmg_.sit (413.76 MB)
MD5: 05a68d2c48fc8bd375b82553116e01d3
For Mac OS X
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CS_20_IE_NonRet_D3.dmg_.sit (356.99 MB)
MD5: eb09f8d8157239a874795f5b9c753f76
For Mac OS X
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CS_2.0_WWE_Extras_1.dmg_.sit (401.01 MB)
MD5: c9040c5c405b674cc8b41c38eead1616
For Mac OS X
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CS_2.0_GR_NonRet_D1.dmg_.bin_.sit (343.01 MB)
MD5: 4b8e0ef24f191892ec4aa443b4523460
For Mac OS X
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CS_2.0_GR_NonRet_D2.dmg_.bin_.sit (324.63 MB)
MD5: a84b6622802fed85afcded1b5f5c06c8
For Mac OS X
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CS_2.0_GR_NonRet_D3.dmg_.bin_.sit (371.03 MB)
MD5: 0a41dc0483cffed4b73e17e19d7aa558
For Mac OS X
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CS_2.0_GR_Extras_1.dmg_.bin_.sit (414.22 MB)
MD5: dc9f1f162bfdbda54c76190a5327df5a
For Mac OS X
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CS2_GR_Photoshop_HTML.sit (143.01 MB)
MD5: aedc3e268e9a10e8051f243be0aa514a
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (455.53 MB)
MD5: 9d3bc9b9413ff91175b70b9676c881d3
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (49.47 MB)
MD5: 30883c9220721a21985fe5187a522f5a
For Mac OS X
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IC_CS2_UE_NonRet.dmg_.bin (476.05 MB)
MD5: 3bfaabe4937833bff117bb71f9d07c24
For Mac OS X
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GL_CS2_UE_NonRet.dmg_.bin (359.17 MB)
MD5: 30054e8f57c820e2fad4076f0f3ee38a
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (336.46 MB)
MD5: 12d94431e51fa7384988e193a64adb5c
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
PhSp_CS2_English.dmg_.bin (431.42 MB)
MD5: 0865e62d120025d15bbd680982acef41
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (215.79 MB)
MD5: 8efff81f9c7290fb79055209ec223a08
For Mac OS X
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This app works with: QEMU

Adobe's Creative Suite of apps for Macintosh version 2.0 - Includes; Photoshop CS2, InDesign CS2, Acrobat Standard 7.0, GoLive CS2, Illustrator CS2 and Photoshop Elements 4.0

The first four DLs are the DMGs installing the English flavor of CS2.

DL five to eight are the DMGs for installing the German version.

DL number nine is the HTML version of a German Photoshop CS2 e-book.

DL number ten is the Total Training Video Workshop for CS2 (English)

The "Extra" DMGs are not needed for installation but do include help files and other useful items.

Serial Number: 1130-0412-8377-1896-9751-5759

Other Adobe Photoshop Versions: 0.63 (pre-Adobe) | Pre-release | 1.0.7 | 1.0.8 LE | 2.0.1 | 2.5.1 | 2.5.1 LE | 3.0 & 3.0.5 | 3.0.5 LE | 4.0 | 5.0 | 5.0 LE | 5.5 | 6.0 | 7.0 | 8.0 (CS1) | 10.0 (CS3) | 11.0 (CS4)

Architecture: PPC

CS2 will run on OS X 10.2.8 to 10.6.8 (with the help of Rosetta).


macs1283_2's picture
by macs1283_2 - 2020, December 16 - 9:34pm

@slomacuser You can upload Your PC Install of CS2 to

MacTheppc's picture
by MacTheppc - 2020, October 3 - 5:58pm

Thanks Wink

MacTheppc's picture
by MacTheppc - 2020, October 3 - 5:58pm

I'll try to burn this to a dvd

Note: I'll burn more than one dmg to a disk.

efiil's picture
by efiil - 2020, March 29 - 1:40pm

I have got a mac G5 recently, but hard to find software(even install iso), untill found here. Thanks to all Contributor! Smile Smile Smile

slomacuser's picture
by slomacuser - 2020, January 5 - 1:24pm

Uploaded Go Live, PSCS2, InCopy, Acrobat Pro 7 and Reader 9, Install and serials PDF, Acrobat 7 is preinstalled the code you can use is 1118-0410-9277-9328-2007-0400, I have also PC install of CS2 but I do not know if it is ok to uploaded it here?

Also mac updates includes update files for Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat etc

turtlecroc's picture
by turtlecroc - 2020, January 3 - 8:21am

Having had CS2 in the past and wanting an older version again for my older machine, I downloaded this, and it does not include GoLive, Acrobat, or PS Elements. It includes Photoshop (w/ Imageready), Illustrator, InDesign, and Version Cue.

I didn't actually install but entered the serial and got to the screen where you can select the components to install, and the above four are them.

There were several versions of CS2, e.g. Standard, Premium, etc, and I think Acrobat and GoLive were probably Premium, unless they were considered so by-the-way that the installer doesn't even mention them.

muttztfz's picture
by muttztfz - 2018, August 15 - 12:39pm

As I understood it, also the download of the newly provided installers was necessary for existing customers due to the activation servers being down. So even if you have an original CS2 and an original license, you can't use that anymore. You will need the provided downloads from Adobe.

24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2017, October 5 - 10:58am

Please note that Adobe only allows to use this software or licence keys for customers previously owning CS2. For the case that CDs became damaged, CD images are provided.
The CS2 activation server is down, so customers are entitled to use the licence keys published by Adobe.
Take a look at the third screenshot please for the details.
The files here are equal to those captured by the Waybackmachine, which has additional languages too btw.

TerryFletcher's picture
by TerryFletcher - 2017, October 4 - 11:32pm

What about activation? It mentions that in the install page.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2017, September 16 - 3:48am

@almightyM: Thanks, tho' I suppose that you didn't look at the screenshots above...

almightyM's picture
by almightyM - 2017, September 15 - 11:34pm

You need a serial for this.