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Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader

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acrobat_ebookreader_install.sit (10.33 MB)
MD5: 0353b2e5c43f89dbd26f5c2313a9d24e
For Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
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Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader 2.2 build 203.2 (beta) 25 October 2001

Reads Adobe e-Book PDFs, which differ slightly from Acrobat PDFs, and some other formats.

"The Acrobat eBook Reader is a software program for reading high-fidelity electronic
books on your laptop or desktop computer. The Acrobat eBook Reader offers a complete
eBook experience:

- Convenient buying and downloading of eBooks
- A personal library of eBooks and other documents that you can organize
- Elegant, full-color display of eBook pages, including Adobe® PDF eBooks
- Searching and bookmarking
- Highlighting and annotation
- Display rotation for laptop computers
- Adobe® CoolType™ technology for improved text clarity
- Single-page and two-page view
- Printing pages and copying selections to the clipboard (with the permission of the
- A dictionary with automatic lookup capability for definitions of words in eBooks
(for some languages)"

One of the more endearing features of this software was it only allowing you to read the Adobe e-Book on the particular machine you downloaded it on. Even upgrading your machine could result in access to your Adobe Store e-books being blocked. This feature was famously hacked and resulted in a high profile court case.

Adobe yanked this software from the Web as soon as it released the OS X-only Adobe Reader 6 in 2003, and made subsequent purchased e-books from its store incompatible, leaving OS 9 users high and dry.

You’ll want to peruse the Read Me for all the fishhooks before using, but given there isn’t a lot of classic Mac e-book software out there this worth a look. Some e-Book vendors continued to allow this to be used long after Adobe packed up its toys.

Architecture: PPC

OS 9.0 or later. OS X and Classic not supported.
12 MB of RAM
Quicktime 3 or later
256 colors or greater recommended


scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2019, May 22 - 12:14am

This a mac os x eBook Reader from this website.

It for mac os x and windows.

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by MikeTomTom - 2013, May 28 - 11:49am

There were two uploads of the same item made to different pages. The pages were merged.

MegaKsenia's picture
by MegaKsenia - 2013, May 28 - 10:03am

Weird... hmmm...
Its my add. My screenshots, my description...
But service show "xeter" user as add maker.
Weird... hmmm...

xeter's picture
by xeter - 2011, November 21 - 4:29pm

Just now tried all the files I've uploaded and they all downloaded from the main MG link at the top (including the ones that wouldn't the other day). The Macintosh Garden site is a bit like the TARDIS, it's reliability comes and goes.

xeter's picture
by xeter - 2011, November 15 - 7:22pm

That's weird, because I uploaded the file originally and tested the download at the time to make sure it worked. Edit trick doesn't even work now. Don't know what's going wrong.

rob_1's picture
by rob_1 - 2011, November 15 - 6:49pm

this download doesn't work, I'm afraid