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Adobe Acrobat 2.1

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acrobat_2.1.sit (14.39 MB)
MD5: 841163cedb42416e08374a68307f0638
For System 7.0 - 7.6
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
CD_SAMPLER.toast_.sit (428.48 MB)
MD5: 5844d227d50294f6861fbe0a7518bb5f
For System 7.0 - 7.6

The universal electronic publishing tool.
Adobe Acrobat Pro is the fastest, lowest cost way to publish electronic documents via CD-ROMs, corporate networks, even the World Wide Web. Take any document from any Macintosh or Windows application. Then convert it into the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) as easily as you'd print it. Your PDF file gives you everything you expect from a document —color, graphics, text, easy navigation, printing— but it's faster and easier to access in electronic form. Now send your PDF file to anyone, and they can view or print it on any computer and printer with free Acrobat Reader. It's that easy.

About Adobe Acrobat Pro:
Now you can add life to your desktop-published files by preparing them quickly and easily for electronic distribution. The Adobe Acrobat Pro package includes Acrobat Exchange and Acrobat Distiller software, which gives you the unique capability o convert any PostScript language file into PDF. You can setup Acrobat Distiller to convert PostScript language files on a local Macintosh, Power Macintosh or Windows computer or to monitor directories on a network files server, providing Distiller conversion services to any number of network users.

When to use Acrobat Distiller:
You can convert most documents into PDF files using the PDF writer driver included with Acrobat Exchange. With documents from many desktop publishing, page layout, illustration, and image editing programs, use Acrobat Distiller when:

About Acrobat Catalog:
Adobe Acrobat Catalog is indexing software that builds full-text indexes for collections of documents in Portable Document Format (PDF). With these indexes, Acrobat Exchange users can search large collections of document in seconds.

First download contains the original floppy installer disks in DiskCopy 4.2 format (6 disks for Exchange, 4 disks for Distiller and 2 disks for Catalog) in friendly StuffIt pre-5.x version.
The second file is the sampler CD included in the Acrobat 2 box. This component is optional, included just for historic purposes. This one is compressed in StuffIt 5.x for smaller size, unfortunately this CD won't compress very much.

The CD Sampler contains sample PDF files so you can start exploring the possibilities of Acrobat Pro, installer for Acrobat Reader for several platforms (DOS, SGI, Windows, Mac and UNIX), demo plugins and installers for online services (the now defunct eWorld, CompuServe), and Adobe PostScript drivers (8.2.1 for Mac and 3.0 for Windows)

Note of consideration if you have installed QuickDraw GX:
Acrobat Exchange runs under QuickDraw GX and uses GX fonts when QuickDraw is running. When you install Acrobat Exchange 2.1 on a Macintosh with QuickDraw extension, the version of substitution fonts that is installed depends on whether QuickDraw GX is enabled or not.
For this reason, keep these points in mind when running Acrobat Exchange under QuickDraw GX:

Architecture: 68k PPC

Note: Mini vMac use requires the 68020 Mac II variation build and installing without Acrobat Catalog which requires more RAM than Mini vMac II can supply.


macjames's picture
by macjames - 2014, June 22 - 7:05pm

Silly me. Updated the description to reflect sampler contents.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2014, June 22 - 2:13am

Hi macjames. What's in the Sampler CD? I guess its a lot of PDFs in Acro 2.1 format. Adobe demos as well? Likely with the 400+ MB file size.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2014, February 11 - 10:55pm

YW, macjames. I had a slow rainy day inside yesterday.

macjames's picture
by macjames - 2014, February 11 - 5:55am

It seems you beat me up with the screenshots, thanks MikeTomTom!

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2014, February 3 - 11:42pm

Excellent addition, thanks macjames.

I think all that's needed now is version 1.x of the Distiller & Exchange, to complete the classic Mac Acrobat set.