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ActaClassic 1.0

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ActaClassic.img_.sit (132.93 KB)
MD5: 19b558d4dea2fc7410ecfe6031c87964
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
This app works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II, Mini vMac

Acta is the text editor used for early BMUG newsletters in 1988.
Though other text editors like BBEdit do open Acta2 files, its much nicer to have the look and feel of the original, hoping that the import module of ActaClassic does its job, that is.

tanaquil kindly uploaded ActaClassic capable of opening the Acta2 files on BMUG CDs together with some other helper apps:

Architecture: 68k


24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2016, May 19 - 9:05pm

Acta Reader does indeed deserve a page of its own.
There are five years between the apps, its always a good idea to separate things of that different age methinks.

A collection of shareware nag screens sounds like a plan, go ahead if you have some items in mind.

tanaquil's picture
by tanaquil - 2016, May 19 - 5:05pm

I started to edit my comment to add more details about Acta Reader, but then I decided it deserved a page of its own.

Check out the shareware nag for Acta Reader. I wonder if anyone has ever made a collection of clever/funny About boxes and shareware nag screens.

tanaquil's picture
by tanaquil - 2016, May 19 - 4:31pm

Thanks for the upload! As I noted in another thread, Acta Reader (included on the various early BMUG disks, I checked - I didn't realize it was there until after I had uploaded Acta Classic) is another option for reading the BMUG outlines, and perhaps even a better one.