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For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9

ACE! is a free MacOS Classic application that allows you to edit the 'save game' documents created by many commercial and shareware games (these documents are referred to as 'characters' by some games). Additionally, ACE! allows you to print details of these save games.

Initially, you can edit the save games from Abuse, Baldur's Gate, Bard's Tale, Curse of Dragor, Curse of the Azure Bonds, Cythera, Damage Incorporated, Death Blade, Descent (1, 2 and 3), Diablo II, Doom (1, 2 and Ultimate), Dragon Blade, Escape Velocity (standard and Override), Fallout, Ferazel's Wand, Foobar vs the DEA, Harry the Handsome Executive, Heroes of Might & Magic (1 and 2), Jewel of Arabia - Dreamers, King's Bounty, Mantra (1 and 2), Marathon (1, 2, Infinity, Excalibur, Evil, RED and Rubicon), Master of Orion, Might and Magic (1, 2 and 3), Odyssey, Omega, Panzer General, Pathways into Darkness, Pool of Radiance, Prime Target, Realmz (6 and 7), Secret of the Silver Blades, System Shock, Ultima III, Unlimited Adventures, Wizardry Gold, Yipe! (2 and 3) and ZPC. However, ACE! can be extended to edit other save games through the use of plug-in 'modules'.

ACE! is scriptable, and (partially) recordable, and a number of example scripts are provided that extend ACE. You can also make your own scripts to automate your use of ACE.

ACE! is freeware.

ACE! 1.8.3 by Richard Drysdall © Flying Horse Software 1997-2009. All rights reserved.

Architecture: 68k PPC


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by PlunderBunny - 2009, December 21 - 12:10am

Thanks - IE8 on XP did the trick.

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by Balrog - 2009, December 18 - 3:01am

Try using a different browser than Safari; you might be hitting the Safari bug.

PlunderBunny's picture
by PlunderBunny - 2009, December 18 - 1:51am

I can't get the image to upload properly - I just get what appears to be a hex dump of the contents of the image file. I've tried .gif and .png format.