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For System 6.x - Mac OS 9

Accomplice is a Control Panel that allows you to perform several functions quickly and easily no matter what application you are in (even in a modal dialog). By holding down certain modifier keys and clicking anywhere, you access a pop-up menu that allows you to: 1) change the current process, 2) change the screen depth (the number of colors shown on-screen), 3) change the speaker volume, or 4) insert an unusual character into whatever document you're working in at the current insertion point. The section below entitled Using Accomplice describes these functions in more detail.

New in version 1.2b2 is the "Sticky Menus" feature. I had trouble manipulating the menus with the trackball while holding down the mouse button on my PowerBook, so when Sticky Menus is on in the control panel, the menus will stay up until you click on a valid menu item or outside of the menus. If you hold the mouse button down as usual, the menus will act as if the Sticky Menus feature is off.

Also new in this version: the processes menu shows background only processes as disabed items.

Architecture: 68k

Version 1.0b1 had a few problems with older Macs that had the 68000 processor and Macs which had a black and white only screen. Those problems have been corrected. Some users also reported conflicts between Accomplice and some other INITs. I believe these problems have been solved in version 1.2b2.