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Aaron Font 1.0

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For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older applications

Aaron Font is a small system extension which changes the application font from Geneva to Espy Sans. This means where in most applications where you would see Geneva, you now see Espy Sans. This gives your computer more of a MacOS 8 look. It works great with Aaron, the interface tranformer by Greg Landweber and Edward Voas, but it can also be used without it. It also transforms the balloon help font into Espy Sans. It looks great!

Known Conflicts:

Helium has the ability to change the font and size of help balloons. This feature overrides Aaron Font's feature of changing the balloon font to Espy Sans. To have the same effect, just set use Helium to set the font to Espy Sans and the size to 9 point.

Aaron Font is not compatible with any other extension that modifies the default application font.

Sometimes Aaron Font will still take affect after the extension has been removed. Resetting the PRAM, by holding command-option-P-R while your Mac is starting up should cure the problem.

Some history about the Espy font:

Architecture: 68k PPC