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7 for Seven

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For System 7.0 - 7.6
This app works with: Basilisk II, Mini vMac

7 For Seven is a set of utilities (7 of them) written for Apple Macintosh System Seven. They are all separate utilities that have little or nothing to do with each other. They were written as one large utility instead of several smaller ones in order to save the common code that would be needed to implement them all separately. Nevertheless, if you are using System Seven some or all of these utilities will probably come in handy.

You can set all your choices, when you quit the application, you'll be asked whether you want to save your changes.

The seven utilities are as follows:

1> Set Rename Delay
2> Change Alias Style
3> Balloon Help Size
4> Application Linker
5> Add Quit to Finder
6> Show/Hide Command Key
7> Remove ZoomRects

USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!! These are HACKS in the truest sense of the word!! They may not work on later releases of System Seven. I make no guarantee that this will work on your system AT ALL. In fact, Do not use this if you are faint of heart. I make no promise of the usefulness or usability of this program. (If one utility does not work the others still may so test them all separately.)

1. Set Rename Delay
When you are in Finder and want to change the name of a file you click on the name of the file and wait for the name to hilight. System Seven has built in to it a delay between when you click on the name and when it becomes hilighted. What this feature of 7 For Seven does is allow you to adjust the rename-delay either faster or slower.

2. Change Alias Style
Apple, in System Seven, has implemented a great new feature with Aliases. The biggest problem with Aliases is that Apple decided that Aliases will be displayed in italics which makes them hard to read. Well now you can change the style that will be used to display Aliases. You can use any combination of Bold, Italic, Underline, Outline, Shadow, and/or Condensed to make your Alias Files look any way you want.

3. Balloon Help Size
System Sevens Balloon Help displays text at 9 point size. This is small and should be configurable by the user. Well, now it is!

4. Application Linker
System Seven has built into Finder a "HandOff"-like feature. What this feature does is: when you double click on a file that was created by a program you do not have it can (if the links are in place) ask you if you would like to open it with an alternate program. System Seven is pre-set to ask about opening TEXT or PICT files with TeachText which is great; but now you can link your own documents also. You can have it open all MS-Word Docs with MacWriteII or vice versa or any combination you want.

5. Add Quit to Finder
When you are working in System Seven you run the risk of running out of available memory. Why? Because System Seven-being much larger than any previous System-takes more memory to run. So it would be nice to load all the Applications you are going to use and then be able to steal that little bit more!! What Quit Finder does is adds a "Quit" item to the file menu in Finder. This way, after you load all the files you want to work with, you can Quit the Finder and re-claim the memory it is using.

6. Show/Hide Command Key
The Application menu (on the far right of the menu bar) is one of my favorite enhancements in System Seven. The Hide Others Feature is great for uncluttering the desktop when you work. However, It would be nice to have a command Key to turn it on or off. Well, now you do!

7. Remove ZoomRects
Finder uses a visual effect when opening windows & moving Icons called Zoom Rects. While this feature looks great it slows down the Finder a noticeable amount. So what you can now do is turn them on or off any time you like!

Architecture: 68k

Compatible with System Software 7.x only.


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by IIGS_User - 2009, May 17 - 7:40pm

I detected these utilities compatible with System Software up to 7.5, someone could check 7.6, please.