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MD5: 5b304b4b4b19ce817be15b05e6d4f079
For System 1 - 5
This app works with: Mini vMac

Because 1stBASE is a relational data base manager, you can join two different files to create one large file containing the data in both. The only requirement is that the two files contain one identical field. [...] Overall, 1stBASE is first-rate. It's a capable program that can handle demanding data base management chores.
- Macworld, January 1985

InfoWorld was harsher in a November 1984 review, saying that the program "needs some work" in terms of performance, capacity and usability, but allowed at the end of the year that version 2.0 had resolved some of their criticisms. Unfortunately, that version has yet to be rediscovered.

Version: 1.01

Architecture: 68k