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Joined: 2020 Jul 11
2012 Apps allowed?!?

When I went to select the year on one of my apps, I decided to go to the bottom, and to my surprise It had dates for 2010, 2011, and 2012!


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Joined: 2019 Nov 1

Well, yes.
Now granted, most commercial apps from 2011 and onward aren't allowed here due to breaking the 10-year rule; but yes, we do allow 2011 and 2012 apps. (mostly freeware ones currently)

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Joined: 2009 Dec 7

Not as a rule, generally.

There are exceptions to the 10 year rule. But if possible, stick to the 10 year rule for uploads.

Keep in mind that if uploads are not accepted by any of the admin staff they will be either removed without warning, or held back from general circulation until a suitable time for release is obtained.