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Hi, My handle is Zippy Zapp and I have been around the Macintosh since about 1995/1996 when I purchased a PowerMac 7200 on the recommendation of a friend. Well actually my aunt bought the original one in 1984 when it was released. But I don't know what she did with that one. We had previously used Commodore and Amiga computers as well as DOS and Windows machines. I still own my Commodore systems and several classic 68k and PowerPC era Macs as well as an Apple IIgs and DOS systems. One of my favorite systems is the DOS compatible Performa 640CD. Very versatile 68k system with a PC card with a intel 486 cpu. Another favorite is the LC III. Such a small footprint and the neat way that everything snaps or clicks into place without the need for any screws to hold it all together. Apple, back then, made some great systems.

I don't know if I have a favorite Mac OS but it would be in the 7.0 to 9.2 era. 7.5 was the first Mac OS I used and it has a fond spot in my memories. 8.x was also memorable to me. I really enjoyed perfecting the startup extensions and eeking out every bit of power I could out of my Macs. I was very active in the First Class BBS era frequently dialing into First Class Server based BBSs in the local area. Over all my time with Mac's has provided years of good times.