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Ingemar Ragnemalm's Jam games Forum topic 2020 Jul 26 - 1:41pm
Crystal Raider Game 2020 Jul 6 - 7:11am
Slick Willie III Game 2020 Jun 4 - 12:13am
Centaurian Game 2020 Apr 8 - 6:26pm
All About Me App 2020 Apr 4 - 6:16am
Marvelous Mac Games Game 2020 Mar 6 - 1:04am
Batman Doom TC Game 2020 Jan 4 - 7:43am
Voyage in Egypt (aka Mysterious Egypt) Game 2020 Jan 4 - 2:41am
MyDude (aka Amazing Dudes) Game 2020 Jan 4 - 2:41am
Swoop Game 2019 Dec 25 - 2:15am
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Hey ThinkIndifferent,

how are you? I don't know if you've seen the thread on Cornica here on the Garden or even visited it ( I like your youTube videos and I think they would be just about the perfect length and content for Quicktime movies that folks can watch on their old machines.

You probably won't get the audience of YT, though the target audience would be a perfect fit Smile I would mention your YT channel in the description, so people can check it out on their smartphones.

What do you think? Does that sound interesting to you?