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New to the Mac scene - 2012


Hi TheRealAnubis

I have looked at the blog,, and it seems like you guys knows quite a lot about Pillars of Garendall. Therefore, I would really appreciate, if you could help me out.
I have been searching and searching for Pillars of Garendall for either Mac or Windows, but I just can't find any links where to download it. Can you help me out please?

Thank you so much for your time

Best regards

Rune Rasmussen


uploaded the fan pack Laughing out loud. hope you enjoy it ! i've spend 1:30h for u Laughing out loud


Uploading for you, 28.38 MB Pillars Of Garendall Ultimate Pack (not the game) this contain 3 WallPaper, Fully Walkthrough,Pricelist/Item (pdf) all Npc/Monster Picture, and a fully detail for the WorldMap and all Story Preamble/Ending, check the main thread will be soon in the comment.


oh yes, i've see you have post about preamble picture, i'm gonna upload all preamble picture/ end dialog, since i've done the game ^^ you should be okay =D.


sup bro check the main thread, i've uploaded a pack of 3 WallPaper, but i think you have that already, if your using a Mac Version, or if your only on Pc you can get them =D.


bro i've send message, to Beenox Studio,RapidShare,and Another guy, i'll hope, soon i'll get the full COLDSTONE GAME ENGINE for pillars of garendall, installed the game on Sheep Shaver, mac os 9, the game run SMooooooth and perfectly, 100% fps, all sounds, perfect =D, so yeah if i get it, i'll will upload it on mediafire on my account, so the game/coldstone engine, will never be deleted =). if your interested =P Skype: Nightshades.Unknow if you wanna talk about old game :DD


Hi, would you possibly be able to link me to a download of your copy of Pillars of Garendall for windows? The emulated mac version never worked for me and ive been unable to find one myself. That would be very much appreciated, I hope you get this message Smile