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Hey man, finally added 2.0 [k] to Pararena - assuming you were still looking for it! Sorry it took forever!

many thanks mate. Hope this runs on 9.2.2 Smile


Thanks for responding. It looks and sounds cool, so I thought I'd ask.


Hey, macmeister, I have a quick question. What game is your avatar from?

You are the first to ask. This is from Dino Run SE. I picked it up on Desura, but I'm sure you can get it elsewhere, possibly even on Steam.

It now works under Win/Lin/OSX -- Mavericks yes, Yosemite unknown.

It is only a casual game, and good for maybe 10 minutes per session, but I like the visuals and the sound/music. Gameplay is a little like wave runner 2 -- outrunning the apocalypse.


Try the iLife '04 link again - looks like there was a character missing.

many thanks, download too slow at the moment (12hr+). Started at 500kb/s, rapidly dropped to only about 50kb/s


Hey Craig, sorry missed your guestbook entry. Yeah if the offer's still around I'll take it up. I'm in Hobart now Smile


Hi! I'm new here and I wonder if a list of all the app here exist: I have dozens of MacAddict, MacWorld, SVM from the 90's and it would help me (save a lot of time) to select what I could upload to you guys (Lots of FW and SW)…
Let me know!


Hello! New here, brings back so many memories! I was flicking through the apps list and saw you had Illustrator 9, i would be very grateful is you could re-upload it as the mediafire link has gone. Many thanks if you can! Smile

I am currently using 10.0, but I will have a look, and see what I can do. Just got back on the iBook for the first time in a few months. Had a lot of fun playing Ambrosia games.


Many thanks ! I understand, what happens in this camp, stays in this camp : ) Does the game work well with today's Apple computers ? All I know is that they update the game to work on OS X

Only ever played this on OS9, don't know how it plays on OSX sorry.


hi there, I'm a new member and i've been hunting for any leads on Gridz. Would it be possible for you to send me the serial no. please ?


Hi Themacmeister,
I've got a Hoyle Board Games collection, also in German language, which could be the 2001 version you request. Please check the one I've commented on 2012, May 16 - 4:55pm at this page:


I was looking for CARD games, sorry about the confusion. Someone here has the German version (or saw it on ebay in Germany). I wanted the English version sorry.



That Rage128 still does not do DVD decoding... The DVD decoder card is online for $90 !!!

I think I will try for a Radeon, if one becomes available!


Glad you got the k'board & mouse OK. They were in excellent working order before sending so I hope they reached you in good nick.

For your Beige G3 check out applebits sale in for the ATI Rage Pro 128 card, this card is excellent in the G3, it has VGA out only and not the 15 pin D-sub that old Mac monitors used.


Apologies for recent (short lived) hacking of my hotmail account. I have retaken control and changed passwords/secret questions, so shouldn't happen again. Thanks for pointing it out!


Macmeister, I am recieving junk mail from your hotmail account. Was it hacked or caught a virus?
Please try to cut it out.


Hi, I saw that you were able to play Gridz in:

I was wondering if you could message or email me a gridz serial key which gives access to the single player game, the posted serial is only for network play. I have sent a message to Green Dragon Creations but no response so far. I would be forever thankful Smile


About that SCSI host adapter, sure I can give a good home to that device. If you happen to check you hotmail account you'll find my email.


No problems with sending you attachments via email but can't see how to do this obviously. You can reach me at mike DOT tneqrazr AT emteedee DOT net - replacing the obvious (and del this afterwards plz).


TMM» Colour and B&W, remember playing this at University on Macintosh SE's. It is the most fun you can have multiplayer on a network!

Would this have been on the top floor of the Library (up where the science books are), by any chance, say, around 1990?

Temporary Joe

I haven't gotten that submission yet...


Way to go thmacmeister! Great work with all those uploads. Cheers!