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Banned from Windows 8 Fourms... Forum topic 2012 Dec 29 - 9:45am
OpenAL for 10.2? (alot of views but still no replies) Forum topic 2013 Sep 29 - 11:52pm
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Mac OS X 1.00 Public Beta Install help Forum topic 2013 Apr 29 - 12:07am
My iBook Clamshell arrived! Forum topic 2011 Dec 29 - 12:17am
A Palm-related problem Forum topic 2013 Feb 16 - 6:31am
Having a problem bridging my WiFi network via Ethernet cable to my Power Mac G3 Forum topic 2014 Jun 4 - 4:36am
I need a Apple Pippin Emulator *SRSLY PLZ REPLY* Forum topic 2011 Nov 5 - 3:34pm
This sounds like abandonware, but it's not. Forum topic 2013 Feb 2 - 4:30am
ATi Radeon 9200 (OpenGL?) problems Forum topic 2013 Aug 22 - 4:43am
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Jeremy here! I'm a 12 year old computer genius. I have an iBook G4, MacBook, Dell Inspiron 1000, a Dell Inspiron 660s, a Mac Mini, a iBook Clamshell, and the Power Mac G3 (First Mac desktop standalone!). Kinda explains alot. Get your Portable ID! (requires PlayStation Network account)
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