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Technosys Help! 1.0.8 App 2020 Dec 4 - 5:32pm
Mac & Power Mac Secrets App 2019 Oct 13 - 7:34pm
Kai's SuperGOO SE 1.0 App 2018 May 19 - 4:50pm
Aldus IntelliDraw 2.0 App 2018 Mar 22 - 1:55pm
DataWatch Citadel 1.2.2 App 2017 Mar 31 - 2:37am
StyleWriter Installation 1.2 for Original StyleWriter App 2016 Dec 28 - 9:36am
MacWeb App 2016 Mar 18 - 6:13am
Norton Utilities 8 for Macintosh App 2016 Feb 15 - 11:58am
Epson 1200U Scanner Software w/PhotoDeluxe 2 and More App 2015 Dec 4 - 6:48pm
Policy on uploads without original installers Forum topic 2015 Oct 16 - 10:50am
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Hi! (taylordesign), Thank you for your hard work on maintaining such amazing classics from Mac OS history. I was THRILLED to find that you had found and uploaded AppWare and especially MicroBrew for Mac. I'm sure this is a long shot however, did you by any chance come across anything more related to MicroBrew for Mac especially MicroBrew 1.5/2.x (which I did own many many years ago)?
Historically I was one of the few that fought hard to get Ed Firmage and Joe Firmage (who owned Microbrew after Novell) to release their products into public domain, even once involved with obtaining and refactoring the source code from Classic to OS X. Hope to hear back from you.
Kind Regards,

Ed Cox