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Only free and full useable shareware. (for Polish language users) Forum topic 2012 Jun 13 - 11:15pm
MicroEmacs 3.10 App 2012 Sep 20 - 11:51pm
iSwipe 1.7.11 App 2012 Sep 22 - 2:25pm
HTTP Server OT App 2012 Oct 6 - 8:25pm
Polish Dictionary for MS Office 2001 and 2004 App 2012 Oct 7 - 5:55pm
Uquausiit 1.0 (Francais - Inuktitut Dictionnaire) App 2012 Oct 7 - 5:57pm
iGadu 1.2.6 App 2012 Nov 8 - 3:21pm
AOL Instant Messenger 4.7 App 2012 Nov 9 - 12:32pm
AOL Instant Messenger 2.0.531 App 2012 Nov 9 - 1:01pm
Instruction to unzip multi-parts ZIP archive Forum topic 2012 Dec 7 - 2:42pm
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Cześć ,

Poszukuję bootowalnego iso mac os 8.5.1 dla b&w lub retail 8.6 w wersji angielskiej.
Czy posiadzasz może takowe w swoich zbiorach?
Obrazy z WinWorld niestety nie bootują na moim g3 Sad
Nie wiem czy to wina nieoryginalnego napędu jaki mam zamontowany (chociaż os9 bootuje bez problemu) czy też samego iso.
Jeśli możesz mi pomóc będę wdzięczny Smile



can u repost waves plugins for os9?


where did u go????? come back!! Wink

Im still here


Hi TataMisia, i really like the ultimate speed reader but can´t use the instructor registering because the app asks for a password.

Do you have the password? I´ll appreciate and be so pleased if you can send it to me.



Hi TataMisia,

I'm interested on your NI software, particularly Reaktor and Absynth, OS9 only. Would you like to share them? I would really appreciate it.

BTW, do you have any other audio softs from the OS9 era?

Thanks in advance!