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Title Typesort icon Updated date
iWork '05 App 2016 May 18 - 3:30pm
Mac Disk Explorer 1.0.4 App 2017 Mar 3 - 8:37am
Snak App 2017 May 20 - 6:15pm
MacTorrent App 2017 May 25 - 10:55am
AppleScript: The Beta Release App 2020 Jan 12 - 12:41am
Adobe Photoshop 1.0.8 LE App 2019 Nov 4 - 6:32am
Apple Internet Server Solution App 2018 May 22 - 1:57am
Quid Pro Quo App 2018 May 17 - 4:17pm
Macromedia Studio 8 App 2018 Jun 3 - 8:34am
QuickBooks Pro 4.0 App 2018 Jul 22 - 8:52pm
fogWraith joined us in October 24, 2009, and has been a member for 10 years 17 weeks.
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thanks for getting in touch; your help is very much appreciated! Wink


Hi fogwraith,
I've been away a while from the site and I see that Maedi's account is marked as disabled.
Did I miss some unpleasantness? Is there a relevant forum link?
Kind regards,

There hasn't been any unpleasantness, but if you'd like more information, kindly use the contact form. It's simply a matter of how Drupal deals with the account with ID of #1.


Hi fogWraith,

You are now a team member of the garden for 8 years & so, to celebrate that, I would like to know what software u are dreaming to be on this site ? It could be a soft that gonna get out of the 10 years rule. Just let me know, please. Thxs. Smile