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Hi soudesune, I've added the issue 11 PDF to the page. They were nice scans, thanks. Quite a noticeable difference in layout from issue 2, MacFormat was getting a lot of maturity in a short space of time. I enjoyed this issue as its one I hadn't read before. Thanks.


Issue #2 is now up. I omitted pages 34a & 34b (ads) for linear continuity in the PDF.

It also came in at over 40MB so had to zip and add it to the DL's in page. I could have brought it down below 40MB but it caused too much loss of detail in the scans this time. So I needed to create a larger file-sized PDF for a less loss of detail. - Which came in at around 70MB from your 250MB of scans.

This issue looks pretty good in PDF, only one page is almost illegible. The page on Mac/DOS file exchanging (page 82) where MF used a awful red text on a black background...


Hi soudesune, I've got the zip of issue 02, I'll likely have the PDF up by tomorrow. Scans look good, thanks.


Hi soudesune. I've finished the PDF of issue 9 and added it to the page. Also added floppy images to issue's 2, 5 & 9.

I removed the zip from issue 2's page because of its poor condition & to save others the bother of downloading it. Hoping to see it completed & replaced by you some time in October.

Regards, Mike


I did MF02 first at 600dpi in photocopier TIFF (which, I learnt, is a JPEG wrapped in a TIFF-wrapper). I copied them on to my wife's Mac Mini in order to reduce them down. I think that I still have the 600dpi files somewhere. Yesterday evening I got the first 21 pages of MF09 done.

Thanks, that explains the OS X artifacts in the zip. 600dpi then reduced sounds like a lot of work. Do you use a batch converter? I've been using the freeware which does an nice job at batch conversion on your 300dpi scans, to get their sizes down for creating the PDF...

Speaking of which, I finished the PDF for issue 22, it came in at 41.7 MB and looks rather spiffy - then I discover there is a 40 MB limit on uploading to the manual section at the MG. I'll rework it a bit and reduce some of the ad pages of the PDF further, so as to get the file size below 40 MB's before attempting to upload it.

Its a shame about the corrupt files in the issue #2 zip. I think that archive should be removed while its replacement is pending. Images 1 to 27 are OK, then image 86 and image 107 are OK, so those won't need re-doing.

Have a good holiday and we'll see you when you get back.


Hi soudesune: I've uploaded your issue 22 scan's zip file to the 1st issue 22 page you had created as it has the CD-ROM archived there. I removed most of the pics from that page as the zip file contains them all (they are in good shape, thank you). I removed the new issue 22 page that you created yesterday. All is working OK now and the original issue 22 page now loads quickly. I will create the PDF from your scans and add it to that page, probably by tomorrow.

Sad to say, the other zip of scans you uploaded, for MF issue 02 (May-June 1993) contains corrupted images. Roughly 2/3 of the content is fubar. Notice that the zip is only 82 MB in file-size, where it should be approx. 250 to 290 MB's in size, give or take a few MB's - i.e.; 108 hi-rez scans of already compressed jpeg weighing in at approx. 2.5 to 3.5 MB's each, cannot archive to a file less than 250 MB's I would assume.

Images 28 to 85 are corrupted, then images 87 to 106, then image 108 (there is also a .tif of image 108 included here for some reason?) both jpg & tiff #108 are corrupt.

This archive will need to be re-created fresh from your original scans of this mag. Best if you use Windows to create the zip too, as oddly, there were also Mac OS X artifacts - several dot underscore files (.DS_Store etc) present in the zip archive.

Otherwise, keep up the good work. I was really excited to see the issue #2 page created and I look forward to it's completion. I will be able to help with the floppy image for this if you don't have it.


Message in revisions from the MF-22 upload: "I can't upload any more pages. I Keep getting a 504 error message: An HTTP error 504 occurred. /content/js_add_more/app/field_screenshot I'm getting this on IE 11 and on Firefox 40 — both on Windows 8."

soudesune, what I recommend you do is, rather than upload individual pics of the scans, that you wait until you have collected all of the scans to be made, then zip them into a single archive and upload that in one go as an additional download in the page.

It would save a lot of time for you as the uploader and for others wanting to view the scans. And there would be basically only one item to contend with, as an upload - much less room for error.

I also recommend .zip as the archives format, as then people with comic-book readers only need to change the filename's .zip suffix to .cbz and they can then view the scans in the archive like its a book.

I will like to make a PDF from the full set like I did with issue 5, its something I don't mind doing.

The error you're getting looks as though the upload engine is barfing on the number of images going to that page. I was quite surprised that you got to complete issue 5's page with 108 images as that page behaves very sluggishly due to the amount of content.

A few pics per page seems to work best here.



Hi soudesune: I've added the Mac Format 05 Magazine - October 1993 in PDF format, based on your scans. You had better check it out. See if you approve or not.

Cheers, Mike.


Hi soudesune: There are two pics missing from the MacFormat 05 magazine page. These I presume will be Pics; "MacFormat_05_p084.jpeg" and "MacFormat_05_p085.jpeg" - as there is a gap between pics 83 and 86. I hope that you can add those two to that page to complete the set.

Thanks for your scans, Mike.

Maury Markowitz

I posted on the MacFormat Mach 1995 page, in case you don't see it there (does it ping you?)