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Mac System Software 0.1 (System 1.1, Finder 1.1g May 1984) BRITISH App 2021 Mar 27 - 10:15pm
iMac puzzle App 2021 Mar 6 - 6:40am
John Conway's Game of Life App 2021 Mar 5 - 8:24am
BootBeep (switch between a Quadra's TWO bootup sounds) App 2021 Feb 7 - 12:09am
ADOBE premiere™ SAMPLER App 2021 Feb 6 - 11:32pm
Snake-Bar 1.1 App 2021 Feb 6 - 5:05pm
Sound Apprentice 1.22 App 2021 Feb 5 - 9:56pm
GraphistPaint II Color App 2021 Feb 5 - 9:48pm
Microsoft Office CD ver. 1.00 (*Missing upload) App 2020 Sep 7 - 3:53am
Studio/8 App 2020 Jul 11 - 2:59am
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Hey Slomac, do you still have images of Word 1.05?



I am looking for the samples disk for Quark 3.0.


Hiya slomacuser,
Take a look at:
I have the box-set of this, if it is your thing.


Hi slomacuser,

I have made disk-images of the 4 Studio/32 disks and compressed them into a StuffIt 4 archive. I have to get it from my IIfx onto my B&W G3 so that I can upload it. Hopefully I can get it done tonight. The network wasn't playing too nicely on my IIfx last night.


Hi soudesune, thank you for your quick effort! I am really glad you have imaged them. Do you possiblly have more interesting graphic software? And if you are possibly interested to sell/trade the Studio 32 package let me know. My direct mail address is " slomacuser at gmail dot com " Kind regards!


Is there any way I could talk you out of a copy of the 'other' files on the Illustrator 1.1 disk? I have the application, just not the other files it came with. Was there more than one disk?

Thank you!




On this thread, you posted a link to the 3 disk images of the KPT Bryce 1.0 floppy disks! And that's something I was looking for for years! Laughing out loud However the two first images are corrupted or something, because I can't mount them due to an invalid checksum Sad Do think you can have a working version of them?

Thanks Smile


RE: Toy Shop.

Thank you for finding this oldie! Yes, I would like to give it the full digital treatment, with a disk image and scans of the packaging and documents. I can be contacted privately here: