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Mac OS 8.5.x & 8.6 App 2020 Mar 23 - 2:11am
Mac OS 7.1.x (extras) App 2020 Mar 7 - 10:41am
Timbuktu Pro 5.2.4 & 6.0 & 8.8.5 App 2020 Feb 24 - 11:04am
Adobe Dimensions 2.0 App 2020 Feb 18 - 5:34am
Mac OS 7.5 + extras App 2019 Dec 7 - 5:07pm
Mac OS 7.5.5 App 2019 Nov 14 - 9:40pm
Adobe Photoshop 5.0 Limited Edition App 2019 Nov 4 - 6:42am
Adobe Photoshop 3.0 with 3.0.5 Update App 2019 Nov 4 - 6:38am
Joliet Volume Access App 2019 Oct 13 - 2:43am
Apple Developer Connection Software Seed CD-ROM (November 2000) App 2019 Aug 20 - 5:49pm
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COMING SOON: THE NEW MACINTOSH EMULATION STATION. Your one-stop resource website of Macintosh emulators, public domain software, and guides! Excepted to release in 2014-2015.

List of crew:

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Fortuna Wave/sheepmyshaver123/mymacintosh123:
- Likes Green Stuff, Computing, and more
- Software Guru in Mac Garden since 2009
- Owner of the former Mini vMac Applications Site
- Owner of the upcoming Macintosh Emulation Station
- User in Emaculation
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- OGC Forums member
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- Macdomain member
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- Max1zzz's server user
- Mitrokhin's Wired Server user

TrustBA (AKA Microscope):
- Likes Yellow, Black, White
- Dislikes Pink colour because the pink colour is the death
- Operating systems and games tester
- Creative, stylish, pretty
- Sub-owner of the former Mini vMac Applications Site
- Owner of the upcoming Macintosh Emulation Station
- ourWorld resident, then standard member
- ourWorld forum member
- ourWorld beta testing member
- BetaArchive VIP member
- YouTube's channel (still planning!!)

My projects coming soon:
- The New Macintosh Emulation Station (a sequel to the old website)
- Mini vMac 32-bit Development System Box (for testing Mini vMac alpha builds on older Windows OS using virtualization)
- Mini vMac 32-bit Development Building Box (for building Mini vMac alpha builds for Windows NT 3.x and above using virtualization)

Contributions (this website):
I have contributed most of the applications and more, including these:

- My MediaFire Archive (legendary, 150GB Macintosh archive, active since 2009 and offline 29th August 2012, the forum topic have 400+ posts)
- Mini vMac Applications Site (the sequel of original vMac Applications Site, with newer disks and guides. Shut down on 1st October 2013. Archive located here)
- Forum thread about guidelines for creating perfect CD images
- Article for restoring Macintosh Performa software
- Add pages to link other contributions files
- Update the pages
- Merging pages



Hi there.
First, thanks for all the CD images you uploaded to MG. Very nice job.
I have a good size CD/DVD images library and I want to add to it the mages you uploaded.
However, I am keeping my library organised by the media Part number.

Is it possible for you to either update the MG pages including the PN or post to me the PN with the name of the CD image uploaded?


Pink means Death!!!, man, that is the reason why I love it! Crazy
I love 1990's videogames but you cannot play them without a good OS Right?
and Apple OSes are just perfect!!! Steve
Im allso fan of others like Xerox, IBM, Bell Labs, Comodore, Acorn, FSF, Be, Microsoft and Hyperion, but There is NOTHING like a MACINTOSH Cool I will love it untill I die! from System 1 to Maveriks Love
Thanks for the support!


I realize I still have the original CD from my Performa 580cd…

Nicolas Bahamondes

Please, I need Cinemania 96 for Windows.


Hey. I saw you're trying to obtain your own compilations of Mini vMac. I can show you how to make it manually for Windows and Mac. Send me an e-mail to if you're interested Wink

Fortuna Wave

Got it to add new awesome banners.


Dear SheepMyShaver123-

I have been searching for weeks for old Apple Developer Connection CDs from 1995 and 1996. I saw your thread on those from some time ago but have not been able to get to the files. Are they still available? Please advise - I am very interested in downloading or acquiring if you have the originals the following:

- Apple Developer Connection System Software July 1995 CD
- Apple Developer Connection System Software January 1996 CD
- Apple Developer Connection Reference Library March 1995 CD
- Apple Developer Connection Reference Library June 1995 CD
- Apple Developer Connection Mac OS SDK July 1996 CDs

Any Mac OS SDK CDs from 1995 as well.

Mike (TheKog)

Temporary Joe

My file archive is not open yet, as I'm still adding new stuff in there!

Temporary Joe

Oh...I just found is SoftWindows 2.0 (for PowerMac) but comes with Windows 3...

I guess since it's not what you're looking for, it's not a high priority for my archive.

Temporary Joe

I'll try to get it this weekend. I have a lot of work this in particular. I'll try to send it in .TOAST format, segmented, via my Mediafire archive. I'll give you the share key and permission to re-use it in your archive.

I don't use Megaupload anymore because of the way it throttles the Internet access and uploads very slowly.


One of your uploadfs on mediafire "Adobe Home Publisher" is infected ... newer detectors won't see it but my old Virex did ...


I'll upload the 7.5.5 Update in the next few days. Keep up the good work! Smile


Have you checked out 6-7-8100 Update 2 yet? I'm waiting to hear from you on if it's OK before I attempt to copy and upload System 7.5 Update 2.