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TechTool Pro 4.6.1 App 2020 Sep 21 - 7:54pm
Mac OS X Snow Leopard App 2020 Sep 21 - 2:00am
Unable to delete file from Snow Leopard Trash. Forum topic 2020 Aug 21 - 1:27pm
Mac OS 9.2.2 System Folders for Power Macs G4 and PowerBook G4 Titanium (DVI) App 2020 Aug 19 - 10:42pm
iLife App 2020 Aug 7 - 8:41pm
Kensington MouseWorks App 2020 Aug 1 - 9:49pm
Mac OS X for PPC (Mac OS 10) App 2020 Jul 17 - 11:22pm
iPuppet presents: Colin's Classic Cards Game 2020 Jun 29 - 11:30pm
Diablo II Game 2020 Jun 25 - 2:49pm
StarCraft Battle Chest Game 2020 Jun 9 - 8:55am
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Thanks again. The combo DL link from Apple Support worked fine. From there I was able to locate the rest of the update items, iTunes, Remote Desktop Client Update, etc. Cheers.


You always have the option in the updater drop down menu to "download only".

Thanks, I cannot find that option or how to bring it up (or down), I've looked but nothing seems obvious to me. But the direct link you gave for the combo should be do-able. Thanks for that.


Hi spf1954, perhaps you can help me with this. Is there some way to DL the 10.6 updaters since 10.6.3 Snow Leopard from Apple? i.e.; Combo and any Java and/or security updates without auto installing? I'm hoping to archive all of the update packages up to 10.6.8 not have them install and vanish.

I'm thinking that if anyone will know the answer to this it'll be you. Thanks.


True Crime was released early in 2005 and is no longer for sale by Aspyr, so I think it is now appropriate to make a page for it after 10 years. Would you like to do it and include your mega link? Or, if you prefer, I can do it.


If I get a chance I'll try running it in 10.4.11 and see what happens

That's a pretty awesome discovery. It must be one of the rarest finds to date. Congratulations and thanks for linking to it for others to access.


can you upload ilife Suite 6 or 8
tiger osx 10.4.11


Judging by the (lack of) response re the forum question posted about Zane, I'm guessing that no-one knows, or cares. So I'd say you're good to go with this lot, until otherwise.

The Asimov Universe library archives look really interesting too. Not that I will have the time to DL & look at them.


Was there a cease and desist from Zane Publishing (Zane Home Library)?

Not that I've heard of, but I really have no idea on this one, sorry. Probably best asked in the forum with the hope someone knowledgeable about ZHL abandonware is about.


What's the concensus on OSX?

Hi, adding X OS's & SDK's is something you should ask balrog about, directly. He's the most visible of the admins (and most likely to respond).

My personal opinion is no to OS X in the Garden, but that's just me. I'd prefer to see at best, carbon apps & games that at least can run native in OS 9 as well.

But OS X only stuff is increasingly coming in & consensus is saying OK to it, so I have to concede. Its just a matter of time, so why not be the 1st? Wink

Check with balrog tho' as to what the limits are. I don't see a problem with earlier PPC versions.


Re: your CDs

Hi. I now have no faith in Disk Utility as a means to creating byte for byte copies of CD/DVD media, without it adding something extra to the mix. In its creating unbootable images of bootable media says there something is a bit smelly with this app.

I don't think its the hardware, I think its software. - I have more faith in creating bootable HFS CD .iso images reliably using ImgBurn on Windows than using Disk Utility on OS X. Now there's a test for you. Run Windows on your intel iMac & use ImgBurn to create a bootable .iso image of a Mac HFS CD Wink

Anyway, many thanks not only for going down the Toast/sit path with your collection but also archiving them here - who knows how long mega will last (the garden may outlive it with luck).


Ok, i have removed your ip from the banlist
Probably just your client was opening too many connections and got banned for hammering

Oh and btw, uploads should really be going in the uploads folder (don't worry about the stuff you uploaded to my db though, it'll get processed through all the same)


I was trying to upload games to your drop box. Maybe not the correct protocol for uploading.
I use verizon in the USA. The current address of the router is


Hey, you say your ip is being reported as banned from my server
Can you email me your ip
Also can i ask what you where doing immediately before you got banned? did you enter a incorrect password or anything? (just need to know if this is from a bug in the software)



All links at app.box.com seems to be deleted, please reupload these (on another hoster, max1zzz's server ??) !
Maybe can you help to upload these items on max1zzz's server ?
I created a Forum thread to help you to reupload these to max1zzz's server.

List of games/applications:
The Crystal Key
Super Solvers Mission: T.H.I.N.K.
Hercules & Xena: Quest for the Scrolls
Zork: The Zork Anthology
Smart Steps 1st Grade
Smart Steps 3rd Grade
Smart Steps 4th Grade
Star Wars: Dark Forces
Star Wars: Rebel Assault
Star Wars: X-Wing
Star Wars: TIE Fighter
Green Eggs and Ham
LaCie Recording Utilities

Thanks in advance ! Smile