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WriteNow 3.0 App 2018 Mar 21 - 3:42pm
Eudora 5 App 2017 Jan 30 - 10:42am
OTTool 1.2.1 App 2016 Sep 27 - 6:44pm
Conflict Catcher 4.x App 2015 Feb 6 - 3:39am
PowerMerge Limited Edition App 2014 Sep 6 - 6:49pm
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Hi there,

Have a nice new year. To answer to your request, may be your usb flash drive is "PC" formatted ? If so, u have to reformat it in HFS+ format... If not, I suggest you make a thread on the forum instead of your guestbook, because people look easily on news posts & not really here. Smile
Also, u can look at this thread, may be u can find the answer (I hope it for u). Wink

Great advice; it's been a long time since I worried about resource forks getting lost on a FAT drive, which of course the flash drive is. I burned the .toast image to a CD, and over on G3 the installer ran fine. Also installed fine on my G4 (OS X Tiger) Power Mac. Fortunately I had registration numbers (from purchase of app years ago) but I wonder how guys without this info would get much use from it past the evaluation stage. Maybe posted somewhere else on this site or other?

Sorry I didn't notice I was not posting in a Forum Topic, I don't know this site very well and wasn't paying attention.


There's a CD image here for MacLinkPlus Deluxe 14 in .toast.sit format, which I can unstuff and open the image in OS X.11 without problem. Files look OK in the mounted image, but if I take the Installer file over to my G3 (OS 9.2.1) on usb flash drive it doesn't look like an application there. Looks like a PC file and doesn't run. I have no utility in OS 9 to mount the decompressed .toast image that I know of. Virus check of the Installer file is negative.

Anyone who's made this upload work? Any suggestion about what I'm doing wrong?