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My introduction to a Macintosh computer goes back to when I was about 5 years old in 1990 on a classic.

Before I could even remember late 1980's, my father ran a department of about 80 people at Kaiser Permanente in Pasadena where he insisted on an all appletalk network and work flow.
Apple had sent a team down from Northern CA to work out to help out the beta version implementation of there at the time state of the art wireless infrared file transfer network.

I got the mac bug real early. The first family computer I can remember was much later as it was a Quadra 660/AV. We went on to PPC 8500/160 and an 8600/180.

For my high school graduation gift in 2003, I received a PowerBook G4 which was stolen only a year later.

Currently at home, I use a G4 MDD for Pro Tools audio recording and an Intel MacPro 1,1 for composing, sequencing, and virtual instrument work.

At work I insist on Mac, Mac, Mac and little PC here and there to please others. We can't completely avoid that though can we?


Music / Computers / Technology / Yoga
Mac IIci, IIsi
PowerMac 8500, 8600, G4 MDD FW400
MacPro 1,1; 5,1


Send me an e-mail at the following address, and I'll get you setup promptly:

apply at polyonymous dot net


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