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OSX Hidden File Toggle App 2016 Apr 23 - 12:58am
Repair Permissions App 2016 Apr 23 - 12:50am
TimeMachine-GUI for Terminal 'Touch' Command: Change Created/Modified Dates App 2019 Apr 8 - 5:40pm
Twitter WDT - A Working PowerPC Twitter Client! App 2016 Aug 15 - 5:28am
OSX Sleep/Shutdown Timer App 2016 Apr 23 - 12:15am
Burn Barrel - Force Delete App App 2016 Apr 23 - 12:47am
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Does anybody have Dreamweaver MX (version 6)? Forum topic 2013 Jun 5 - 2:07am
Does anybody have Metacreations Painter 3D? Forum topic 2013 Jan 13 - 10:32pm
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Hey Nicolas: Did you have any luck getting Seagull 2.5 to work? Or, did you have version 2.0.1? This is such a great program. Would have bought it new, if I had known it existed for OS9.

Thanks Again!

Adam :0)

Nicolas Bahamondes

I'll upload an older version of Seagull Video Player. Try to install this and check it again with the serial number I've provided.