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Title Typesort icon Updated date
DenebaCAD App 2017 Mar 28 - 9:21pm
iMacolor 1.2 App 2018 Nov 25 - 8:10pm
Symantec Suitcase 3.0 App 2015 Aug 31 - 2:43am
TypeStyler 2.0 App 2016 Jun 17 - 11:04pm
Binchunker App 2019 Dec 27 - 2:53pm
UmaxTool 1.0 App 2014 Jul 7 - 1:32pm
Avid VideoShop 3.0.X App 2016 Jan 4 - 6:15pm
CD/DVD Drive TuneUp 2.0.3 App 2013 Dec 7 - 12:28am
KanjiTalk App 2014 Apr 26 - 1:07am
Claris Public Folder App 2015 Jul 2 - 3:15am
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do you still need the 1.2v3 Server image? I have a working copy if you still do.

Thanks but I got it long ago Smile


Hi. I left a message in the forum thread of yours for making a proper copy of a CD, but as the message is kind of buried in that thread I'm repeating it here as well. The topic has been made sticky also, but it needs a little updating with regards to the links to pics on imageshack.

Unfortunately imageshack is no good as a click-to-view depository any more. Would you be able to create a new "app" page and upload the necessary pics to it, zipped and labeled Fig 1, Fig 2, Fig 3, etc, etc,; and I'll get them into the forum topic inline, and in a permanent position locally to the MG (I'll deal with the "app" page afterwards).

Regards, Mike.