Titlesort icon Type Updated date
A Night To Remember Game 2017 Jun 4 - 9:08am
AccessPC Forum topic 2015 Mar 6 - 1:19pm
Asante Micro AsantePrint App 2015 Jan 7 - 12:02pm
Beethoven & Beyond Game 2017 Jun 4 - 9:10am
Black Cat Systems CD-ROM App 2017 Jan 22 - 9:50am
BMUG - ZEN Disk App 2019 Jan 17 - 1:24am
Chemistry stacks App 2015 Apr 14 - 4:35pm
Clip Art Palette App 2015 Jan 7 - 3:51pm
Elle 2000 recipes Game 2015 Jan 6 - 1:19pm
Farallon Ethernet PC Card App 2017 Jun 22 - 12:26pm
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There's been a recent discussion amongst staff at the MG, about wrapped DOSbox items being uploaded to the garden. Its been decided that these are not in keeping with preserving Macintosh software and are best not added here for the meantime. Current uploaded wrapped DOSbox archives are to be removed as we find them.

I am sorry to say that we have found some that you had uploaded previously and these were taken down. I am sorry to say, because I realize the effort involved in creating archives and uploading.

I hope that this won't deter your participation in the MG as it stands.

With regards, MikeTomTom

Hi MikeTomTom

No problem, sorry if I created any troubles for you. I uploaded them because they were playable on Mac OS X 10.10.
As far as I remember I have uploaded Willy Beamish, Monkey Island 1 and 2, Settlers 2 in dosbox version.
Again sorry for any inconvenience I have created.

Best regards


I am sorry for any inconvenience, but I tried to find the games before uploading.
I will try harder in the future.


Your recent uploaded posts have been removed as duplicates as they are already archived here at the Mac Garden. Please check for the same game or software version already being here before uploading. The search box found on all pages works pretty well. Thank you.