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OK, so Basilisk 142 works!

Thank you very much and now I learn .. Smile


"Hi I have a question again. You're always helping me .. I'm looking screen saver After Dark 1.0. Program over here i found but there is a state that does not contain all the modules .. It will operate normally? It means that there is missing only some types of savings? Yet here I had little time to record programs according to procedure. .sit Will this work on my old StuffIt for MacOS 6.0.8? Thank you for the info..
link here : http://macintoshgarden.org/apps/after-dark-10"

Hi Ovi,

Sorry for the little delay... My Internet connection is out. But I found a way to come back again. However, I won't upload again because it's very slow now for that. But, if you really need help, I will do my best as I can. Just like before, of course. So, for After Dark, you can look for all compatibles softs on this link :


Just scroll down to what you expect, then... It's in Alphabetical order. There is in particular After Dark 2, 3 & 4. Also, I hope you're not too boring with StuffIt manipulations on your PC.