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My current Mac: PowerBook G4/1.67GHz 17-inch "Aluminum".

Macs I've owned previously: iBook G3/466 SE "Key Lime"; Macintosh LC III; Macintosh PowerBook 160; Macintosh PowerBook 1400cs/117; iBook G3/300 "Tangerine"; iMac G3/450 DV+ "Indigo"; PowerBook G4/867 15-inch "Titanium"; eMac G4/1GHz "SuperDrive".


Hi there. Are you still ok on sharing your medias with me? The shared folder is still open and ready to accept more CD/DVD dumps.

I left there an updated version of my catalog. You can e-mail me (semvalidade2006@gmail.com) if you want to swap some media dumps.

If I can find the bandwidth I could probably upload a couple of them... I'll do that as soon as possible.


Hi. I am after the Leopard Server media(s). If your offer still stands, I want a copy of this DVD. Can you include a photograph of the DVD media and/or case?

Not just this particular media, but any other Apple media (DVD,CD,FD) you have I will be very happy to have a copy of it.

I have this shared folder set-up for file transfer.


On very same folder you will find a file called Apple_PN.txt which contains a list of all Apple medias I already have and some medias that I am after.

I'll try to take some pics of the disc and upload them, although I don't have a box or anything of that sort. However, uploading disc images is another matter. My wi-fi is unfortunately data-limited at 20 gigabytes per month, both upload and download combined. If I tried to upload a DVD disc image, it'd probably use up 4.7 to 8.5 gigs of that all at once (in other words, the same as a DVD's capacity), and that's something I can't do. My ISP charges about $10 USD extra for every gigabyte over the limit, and I can't afford that. (Unfortunately I can't afford anything better either. :-/ )

On the positive side, though, I also have the "Administrative Tools" DVD for the same version; I could probably send pics of that as well.

I have a copy of pretty much every OS X version up to Leopard, although some are machine-specific; for example, I have a set of Tiger DVDs, but they're for the Mac Mini G4/1.42 and won't install on anything else (I did try them on an iBook G3/700, it didn't work).

My disc collection:

-- OS X:

- v10.0.3 retail
- v10.1 retail upgrade (requires pre-existing 10.0.x system)
- v10.1.3 retail
- 2 copies of v10.2 retail (2 CDs each set)
- v10.3.4 Server retail (including Administrative Tools CD)
- v10.4 for Mac Mini G4/1.42 (DVD)
- v10.5 Server retail (DVD)

-- OS 9 and earlier:

- Mac OS 8.0 retail (CD)
- System 7.5.5 for Power Computing PPC Mac clone (CD)
- System 7.1 (custom-compiled boot disk for PowerBook 160) (1.44 MB, 3.5-inch floppy)

I could make images of most of these; there are a couple that I already have images of, although in the case of 10.1.3, I don't know whether the image works for booting a machine. I could possibly upload something as long as it's a single CD image and not multiple images or a DVD image.